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  1. Please update the d3dx.ini file. If you have already added the corresponding code, be careful not to duplicate it. Find and add the following code. [ShaderOverrideClothesPS13] ; Hitomi Jeans SR ; Bytecode hash: 1ead111f hash = 074cff4a129d961c run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverrideClothesPS14] ; Suisen R hash = 00643e627b04288f run = CommandListClothes [ShaderOverrideSkinPSBurst] ; Bytecode hash: 2b712825 hash = 01ea55a5f6611833 run = CommandListSkin [ShaderOverrideSkin-hair1] hash = a07858cce6fb5e1e run = CommandListSkin [ShaderOverrideSkin-hair2] hash = 29a6bbe4fb3fb695 run = CommandListSkin I have no knowledge of the code. I'll leave the rest to the professionals.😊
  2. Have you changed your name?

  3. I just took a break. It is a violation of manners to ask for PW disclosure. There is no problem writing the two thanks. People who write differently added to the blacklist. I also thought of releasing a new mod without PW, but I was disillusioned by their actions and I stopped.
  4. Hi everyone I've added an introductory manual for those who haven't created a new mod but want to modify the textures themselves. You will be able to modify the texture. If you are a beginner and would like to know how to introduce texture modification, please introduce here.
  5. Hey, how are you doing?
    I've written some hints about your texture questions.



    1. Hans Jürgen

      Hans Jürgen

      Thanks mate. Will look into it. Don´t understand why it didn´t work yet

      Keep modding man 😉

    2. Ghost-writer


      I updated the contents, I also initialized the PC and tried from the beginning, so this method should be able to do it. Do your best.


      Some contents have been updated.

  6. I will explain from the introduction of the texture to the editing becomes possible. Required tools PhotoshopCS2 Search keyword      → PhSp_CS2_English (2020 April Free distribution English only) Plugin Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop → Windows (32-bit) https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload#?dn=texture-tools-for-adobe-photoshop-8-55 Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop* → http://gametechdev.github.io/Intel-Texture-Works-Plugin/ I have introduced both plugins. XnView MP                 → https://www.xnview.com/en/xnviewmp/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ① 3Dmigoto 0 key dump data ② C:\Users\PC name\DOAX-VenusVacation\FrameAnalysisDeduped Select textures. Display using XnView MP Check the face number and extract the data you want to process ③ Sayuri face texture 89af397d-BC7_UNORM_SRGB Open in Photoshop   Load Options Put a check ④ Save AS →  D3D/DDS → Save → DXT1 RGB 4 bpp i I no alpha(I'm not sure if this is the best. Please try various things) ⑤ Open it again in Photoshop and it will be in a normal state. Subsequent processing and storage are as above. ⑥ Process the texture, save it in the usual way and reflect it.   If left untouched, the face will turn white and glow a little. ⑦ The reason is that the alpha is discarded in ⑤. I will revive it. A. Select Channels tag and add Alpha. B. The screen turned black and confirmed that this was added Copy and paste image to alpha location Adjust brightness (brightness-70 contrast-30) C. Click the top RGB D. The storage method is the same as above. Note The face turns white when the image is written on another layer and then saved. You need to merge the layers and process the alpha image again. For the introduction of textures into the game, please refer to the hair mod that I distribute and the face mod that everyone creates. Good Luck.
  7. I need help with this


  8. Notice of activity suspension. Suspend Ghost-writer mod activity. Thanks to all modelers. Pauses, but may return. Among those who asked me for a password, those who passed at least once had already responded. Unfortunately, those who do not receive a reply will not be distributed. Then, please enjoy good DOAXVV life. see you again.
  9. SUISEN 5.0.0 only common body Recently, I may not be notified here even if I update due to troll. ^^; I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
  10. Hair.Misaki_v1.0.0 (Violet Evergarden) H changes Hair color No password setting
  11. Violet Evergarden v1.0.0 (Komorebi humming) Reprint is prohibited Scheduled to be updated at a later date such as hair X + 5 costume change X + 0 umbrella
  12. No, it ’s a question, so I wo n’t add it to the blacklist. The background unfortunately takes quite a while to add and organize items. I personally create it as a hobby for taking pictures, so I don't think I will distribute it for the background.
  13. SUISEN4.5.0 sample Reprint is prohibited Shortcuts Swimsuit X + 4 Rabbit ears G + 3 SUISEN4.5.2 Cat ear3.0.0 has been released. Created, there was no standard bunny suit. This data is only a sample. Unfortunately, It will duplicate error with SUISEN1. Please keep SUISEN1 somewhere else because an error appears. ^^ SUISEN v4.5.0sample.7z Rabbit ears sample.7z
  14. I don't like autoplay macros. I am a ranking holder. Therefore, macros that do not have a hard time are not recommended. It is not recommended as it is permanently prohibited.The suspension may be resolved in 1 to 2 months, but it may be permanent. However, mod itself is not officially allowed as well.
  15. SUISEN4 The car is not created by me and will not be distributed. However, I will gradually explain the placement method in my topics. As soon as you copy this comment and create a comment, I will add it to the blacklist.
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