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  1. I'm having a problem where not all of the districts are showing up even though I have UI overhaul?
  2. Just wondering if the origins have been fixed or If I'm just still messing up with them?
  3. I'm having a problem where if I'm a futa I can't initiate sex with the intrigue menu option (it says I did it but no event fires) I've updated to the most recent patch but the problem persists. is anyone else having this problem or just me?
  4. I'm having a problem where the game acts like I'm a tentacle government when I'm not and is spamming the events for if I am at random times about a dozen times seemingly at random.
  5. I'm having problem's with Parallel Evolution origins did the stellaris update break this origin?
  6. I haven't played rimworld since February as I was waiting for most of my mods to update
  7. so wait did the author of lost forest purposely block rjw?
  8. none of the ones (like bad dogs) cause this problem. and just to ask how do you replace the skeletons?
  9. I got it working by clean installing everything apparently my jcontainers locked up or something.
  10. the nexus one and i have reinstalled it multiple times and it still flags it as imcompatiable
  11. I've tried this and now it's saying that the jcontainer is not compatible. I'm using the most recent version.
  12. I can't get this to work as it says I don't have jcontainers or aroused redux installed properly even though I've uninstalled and reinstalled them multiple times with diffrent downloads. What am I doing wrong?
  13. I'm wondering if there are any plans to add more races such as centaur, harpies, ect?
  14. Hi I'm wondering if using the ck 2 random map generator would interfere with the dragon festival as I've used that (for a more fantasy feel) and I can't seem to get the festival to trigger where I send my character to it.
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