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  1. I don't know if anything went wrong, but the deactivated version of the normal-size penis-thing is kinda broken! Others worked fine (including Giga penzor hard and soft versions; normal penzor hard version), I tried them on this sim with no CC, completely fresh and ready to be tested :"), I also made him undress all his clothes just to see if any changes occur (but obvious there ain't any difference). I only downloaded the zip file called "[MiniGiles]LoveBelow Libertine's Courtyard Azazella Penzor Blasters". So please tell me if this seems odd or if the version is actually broken :<
  2. True The package worked perfectly, Thank you so much! It's so kind of you to make the file <3
  3. I haven't used your package yet, but anyway thank you so so so much for making this. This, BTTB ver. 4, is one of the best male upper body parts in my opinion and what can ever be more amazing than having the WW body selector add-on for it? Special shout out to Simite for making great content, especially those WW body selector add-ons, which are really useful and super effective on improving my gaming experience. But the only thing that was missing was the BTTB ver. 4 (Simite only made 'til ver 3). But thanks to your additional work, the list of WW body selector add-ons has been a bit mor
  4. TYSM!!! You're clearly a God, the angels brought you to the sims 4 community to help us, didn't they? Anyway, thanks so so so much OMG. I can't say how much I love you right now 😱😍💓 Thank you for all those contents you've made and uploaded, and also thank you for your hard work. Have a wonderful year. Sending kisses 💟 YOU'RE MY HEART SHAKER SHAKER (just lyrics from a random Kpop song I heard LMAO) Maybe I'm a bit overreacting, but that's what I felt the moment I saw you replied
  5. Hi, I've seen so many people asking for this but it seems like no one has uploaded this (WW body selector) add-on version for Bank42n's BTTB 4 upper body Here's the link: http://bank42n.com/2018/10/21/bnx-bttb/ So I just hope that if anyone out there has the talent and time and willing to make one, please please PLEASE create it, would be extremely appreciated ❤️ I'm so sorry if any of my words is a bit offensive, selfish or lazy to any of you who reading this, I really dont have the talent to make it, I tried researched for this so if I can make one myself but it turned
  6. Can you please make a WW body selector Add-on for BTTB 4, please 😭???? Thank you very much for sharing us your contents Here's the link BTTB 4: http://bank42n.com/2018/10/21/bnx-bttb/
  7. OMG thank you so so so much for updating this!!!
  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You're an angel
  9. Super cool cc OMG. I like these sooooo soooooooo much, they fit my demon sim so so well (with incubus dream, too. OMFG) I have a request. Please, can you make these foots compatible with WW body selector? and some how we can adjust the color of this feet-body part :3 (like your incubus dream penis, we can choose any texture we want for it to show when COMPLETELY naked) Anyways, thanks for your great work, your time spent making these wonderful cc(s). So appreciate them, and merry christmas!!! :)
  10. OMG the T-shirt fits him so so SO well! Can you tell me where you got his t-shirt and pants?
  11. OMG he looks so hoooooooooot!!! What body mesh did you use??? I would really appreciate if you tell me <3
  12. I would like to report an issue. So, when my sim headed to a festival area (with another sim) in map of city living. I received a notification about an error. After that, i realized that i couldn't choose a male top in wicked whims's body selector for a male sim although i had downloaded several meshes, for other stuffs, such as soft and hard penis were totally fine. And my male sims, they weren't using any custom top (in nude mode, while having sex) at all! I couldn't figure out what caused it (mod? cc? i don't know) Can somebody help me? Tks! update: I tried exited the game and sta
  13. hi, love your content! I really enjoy it. But there's a issue. I don't know, if it just for me or not. But when i choose your incubus penis in body selector. the penis shows up but not with a color that i want, it has the first texture which is black . i tried adjusted the penis's texture (or color whatever you call it) into the one that i want in CAS, bottom section. I retried many times but the penis always appeared in black color. I mean, it's not that bad but things would so awesome if you can fix this problem by letting me (and everyone else) choose the specific color for the penis when
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