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  1. I'm will be starting a new playthrough soon, and this mod will be integral to it. That being said do you have an ETA for this new version?
  2. I don't know if you take suggestions, but here's mine anyway. What if raiders in the Commonwealth set up traps for people so they can rob and or enslave them. It's obvious what else they can do with them. I think this would fit the theme of both Fallout raiders and this mod. Also the mechanic is fair enough, since you can dodge it if you're paying attention to where you step. First thing i thought of is a bear trap that traps you in place and cripples your leg. The other possibilities are gas traps (sleeping gas), Tesla traps (get stunned while the raiders come for you), maybe use the gasoline trap as glue so the player gets stuck. Either way I'm curious what you think about this.
  3. Is your mod compatible with patch for animations by Indarello? This mod is brilliant and I would like to run it alongside my other mods.
  4. Finally someone less lazy than me did it. Thanks!
  5. I always found traps an interesting way for "consequences" to kick in. Will you make something like a cryo mine that stuns/freezes you while the captors come to take the bounty, or bear traps that trap your leg until some raiders come to free you, for a price? Of course this is not a request, I'm just asking if you find that concept interesting.
  6. For sounds you can use these from a Fallout 4 mod if the author approves: And will there be some kind of system like break undies? Where someone can add an armor and it's degraded meshes in the game, so your mod can switch the mesh depending on the armor status. For example if the armor is 20% degraded it breaks a little, if it's 90% degraded there is barely anything on you.
  7. This looks extremely good, I can't believe I'm looking at Fallout 4!
  8. A bunch on people asked me if they can convert this to LE. I said that they can but no one did it. And to be honest I don't know how to convert to LE, only thing I can do is try to recreate it for LE.
  9. How safe is this mod for a full playthrough?
  10. The game can be fun, but saying it has great graphics is a bit too much. I have a gtx 970 everything looks like shit and runs like ass.
  11. Just wanted to make a thread to discuss this topic. Seems I'll stay with my trusty MO2, didn't fail me yet.
  12. When characters in my game are naked, they wear some sort of lingerie, I am wondering is that from this mod?
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