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  1. Sorry I dont do request. I do mods whenever I feel like it.
  2. Axe Mod Replaces the oonusa item. Axe.zip Thug Life Glasses Mod Replaces the Normal glasses. ThugLifeGlasses.zip
  3. Thug Life Glasses Mod Replaces this Normal glasses ThugLifeGlasses.zip
  4. I have a problem making a bra mod. The thing was on the emblem, It cuts itself into haft that should be a whole object. I believe the problem is on the weights? Im really stump what to do. Can some body help me fix this. Thank you.
  5. Maybe on the next update you can add a "open file location" for easier editing.
  6. I have tamaki SSR suit but the thing is it's really hard too fully awaken that you need to spent a lot of money. Oh well I gonna get grinding some trophies to get SR suits. Another question is there specific how many lotion you can use get SSR TEC skills and do you need some reset lotion for that?
  7. Can someone help me what is the mechanics of lotion extra skill? Im planing to get all ssr 3 skill slot's if possible and if there's a trick on it.
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