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  1. I don't know how i would of, i installed BnB from the nexus page and installed it like any other mod, and its the only body mod i have enabled. This is the texture optimizer i used: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12801?tab=files&file_id=1000204608
  2. odd, upon further playing the hands of people are fine, just their face and bodies, well atleast trudys hands are fine
  3. I've tried it both with it on and off, same thing happens
  4. Hmm, now im having the issue of it coming to my character, i have zero clue what might be causing this
  5. Yeah i know what the flags mean, most of them however i cant modify, and im not too sure how to. I have no face textures, just body replacers
  6. update: turning off all my body mods so that only BnB is active does not fix the issue, so im stumped personally
  7. As the title says im having some Texture Issues. Im not to sure what could be causing this, i've used a texture optimizer to try help, but im still getting it. It's only the women that have this issue (except pc) so i think it might be coming from a body mod Modlist: (For reference: New California is Disabled)
  8. maybe, i'll have to look into it at somepoint, or take the lazy route and wait for the mods to be updated. probably the latter knowing me
  9. It works, however if i get captured once i get the event "the captain of the army looks at you" or whatever, and if i press the button the game just crashes
  10. hmm, how have you gotten this to work then?
  11. Does anyone know if this mod actually works with CE or not
  12. title described it, all the penises are black, its installed like all the other mods and should be working just fine, but for some reason its not. ill try get a screenshot when I can
  13. Tried turning off all my mods, still get the same error, re-adding FNIS seems to of fixed it however
  14. I just re-installed FNIS, FNIS creatures, FNIS spells, FNIS sexy move manually and i still get the same error, however it does work if i launch the tool manually, so without any of my odds, so here i go finding what mod is causing this
  15. yes, I installed fnis manually and launch it through MO
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