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  1. It is a hard work. good job! Look like the Hip part can't be skin.
  2. Official translation for example https://game.doaxvv.com/production/html/information/event_gl_0218_200429_1_0_cae91f88e22801ef0447bd614077196d2d203564c41fc8afee8b8e06a8144ca6.html English ver. just add _en front .html https://game.doaxvv.com/production/html/information/event_gl_0218_200429_1_0_cae91f88e22801ef0447bd614077196d2d203564c41fc8afee8b8e06a8144ca6_en.html other language have same way. _tw _ko _cn etc. If you want to find the name. use Mod Manager search function. I think google the name can find DMM or STEAM Official website.
  3. I edit this mod from here. Tried make a upper body. I just lazy to create new one. hope not draw the weight by manual. it's very difficult.lol Auspicious.blend
  4. hello. a little question. original body don't have belly weight . so in this pose the belly button look like weird. how do you suggest to make a new weight. I tried transfer other body's weight. But it is not perfect. Because this case, lower body's shape not fit normal nude body.
  5. 轉移權重時,先選b 按著CTRL選body(確認vertex groups變空)再點Transfer Weights應該就可以了 如果用的全裸身體用非knight77版身體的話 右下角UV Maps要打開 選 TEXCOORD.zw 如果不這麼做 腹部會有一條接合痕跡
  6. 嘛 先建議你影片再多看幾次吧 英文不用聽也沒關係,我還是用靜音看的,影片講的滿簡單了 變成詭異的樣子代表權重(weight)跑掉了,要重設權重 初學者拿hunting模式拿到的VB檔去套,把權重套到你新的身體檔中,影片有教weight transfer 新的身體就找一般NUDE的身體來用 這方法雖然不是很完美但也堪用(太多空白部位身體去硬套會因為失去權重導致扭曲變形) 建模要用blender這個軟體去操作 你問題不是很精確所以不知道怎麼回你,如果是不知道怎麼抓原檔就是hunting模式下按F8去抓 問題太粗淺很少有人會回應
  7. hello. thank you share your work. can you fix this? a notch?
  8. you are not only one asking me. basic in this setting maybe have some change.but I forgot. lol
  9. Crimson Feather (Tamaki)/Blossom Feather (Kasumi) X+1 X+2 Z+1 SSR_Event_Feather (kasumi.Tamaki).zip hello. guys. I want to asking how can find the global id number? I want to make a switch button.
  10. Crimson Feather (Tamaki)/Blossom Feather (Kasumi) I using puffy nude body X+1 X+2 Z+1 SSR_Event_Feather (kasumi.Tamaki).zip
  11. Hi. modder noob is here. My English isn't very good. I have a question about I made a nude body for the mod. Example. this STEAM event SR . same R suit this body mesh in left. I do transfer weights to right type. so I got this situation. not only this suit. maybe other mod has same issue. I think the problem is lose breast's weight I watch the tutorials but in new version seems not merge all vertex groups? to transfer if I do this export it worse
  12. update 2020.12.13 V2 SSR.Marionette(Nyotengu)v2.zip puffy body puffy.zip
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