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  1. This is one of my must-have mods. I'm modding SkyrimVR using MO2. I'm using the most recent Sexlab version with the most recent VR patch. I installed this mod and tried to use the Action Key (set to the default G) to initiate an assault. Pressing the key produced no results although holding it down triggered the masturbation dialogue. I tried all of the different configurations, sneaking, armed, etc., Still the Action Key didn't do anything. I note that the Option key and the Modifier key seem to work fine. Is this a limitation of SkyrimVR or is there an issue with how I h
  2. Great guide. Tried Follow Me for Sex in VR. In the "Pee on Me" animations, the male player is always floating up in the air way above the recipient. I've tried all the view point settings provided by the VR patch in Sexlab, no luck. Any trouble shooting suggestions?
  3. Hi - great mod. One question: when the player is enslaved via Simple Slavery, after saying "We're going on a journey" both player and Owner end up outside Riften and the Owner just stands there indefinitely. Is this the way it's supposed to work? I do not have DA installed as I was having CTD issues with it and am relying on Simple Slavery to send the player into slavery. Thanks for your anticipated response.
  4. I'm not having an issue with the navel piercings on the pieces I've tested but I'm still having problems with some of the nipple rings floating what appears to be an inch in front of the nipples (although they do move with the body perfectly). Oddly, it's only some of the rings as, for example, the gold plain (gemless) nipple rings work perfectly. The one example I gave above ("Piercing Nipple Heart Black ") is still floating after several runs through BS as are the butterfly rings (don't remember what they're called in game). I'm pretty sure I'm using BodySlide correctly because, as noted,
  5. Thanks for your work on these conversions. I'm experiencing the same issue of the nipple rings floating with the "Piercing Nipple Heart Black " set, as well as some others. I've run them all through Bodyslide and some of the nipple piercings work fine, while others are floating. Oddly, the Piercing Nipple Heart Black set looks fine in Outfit Studio so perhaps I'm doing something wrong at my end, although I've previously gotten all of the NewMiller Strange piercings working using a different conversion. I'm using the version 1.54 of the CBBE 3BBB body. Let me know if
  6. Love this mod! I'm using the SSE version and I'm getting the "RND Not Found" notification on load even though I did not select RND on installation. I though I saw a fix for this somewhere in Support but I can't find it now. Can anyone direct me to it? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Hi I've seen this issue posted elsewhere but haven't found a solution Very occasionally, when Sexlab starts, the PC and NPCs participating drop below the ground or teleport to a distant location, frequently high in the air, with the result that the fall kills low level characters. My game is otherwise stable and the Sexlab animations and add-ons work perfectly. I've seen suggestions elsewhere that this may result from script heavy modding and my modlist is definitely in that category. Nevertheless, are there any steps I can take to eliminate or further reduce the number of times
  8. I'm having the same problem with the "Black Vest and Slacks (000FC100) - worn - outfit (000939EA)" outfit worn by Bobbi No-Nose. If she gets shot wearing it by me or another NPC, game ctds. If I unequip it from her, the problem resolves. I'm using FG 1.75. I'm going to try and track down the texture/mesh in MO2 and see if I can hide it.
  9. Thanks Ulfbearth. Sorry for missing your prior response.
  10. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the above.
  11. That worked. Thanks. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing a momentary freeze at the very beginning a game load with AAF Beta 147. Further description: Right at the beginning of the load, the game freezes (and the screen darkens slightly) while AAF goes from 60% to complete. I even get a "working" Windows 10 blue circle briefly on the Fallout screen. Then the game kind of blinks (sort of like it's going to CTD), recovers and then loads fine. I'll note that I'm generally getting 60 fps flat at 4k and I'm running an Nvidia RTX 2080 TI, along with 32 GB ram, on my system
  12. Thanks! The patch is great and seems to work fine except I'm having an issue with animations that never end. In particular, I just ran Leito Carry through AAF SEU and it proceeded nicely through the stages but never ended after the final stage. I check the position tree xml and it has the "isExit="true"" phrase at the end of the tree for that animation. Again, I'm sure it's something wrong at my end. Any troubleshooting suggestions? My AAF load order is as recommended by Saya_Scarlett and I'm using Thuggy's load order for non-Loverslab mods. Also, I'm using the
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