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  1. how do you get your GIFs? nvm saw the previous post on the thread
  2. Works fine with Atomic Muscle too. I know about the erection fix, but I like to use this to preview erections outside of animations
  3. I might, if they're any good. I'm amateur-ish at best. I do have something I forgot to mention though, dismemberment looks a bit weird.
  4. I like to convert my own armor and clothes all the time, and it's so quick and easy with this mod compared to Bodytalk. This made my life and modding experience easier, thank you!
  5. So I tried it again to no avail, deleted it, and then for some reason after uninstalling ARMORS had physics. Specifically, armors edited by SOS armor and clothes refits (SOS armor and clothes refits - Armor & Clothing - LoversLab) had physics. They aren't subtle either, those cheeks can CLAP. any idea how to remove it entirely without needing to get rid of the mod or just reinstall the game
  6. I've been searching for the ERF Whanger addon for a while but it seems to have been permanently deleted from existence forever the file for it was posted like 100 pages ago but it's "unavailable" now
  7. I don't know why but my followers absolutely refuse to assault people. I've picked followers with low morality and turned off every option that affects whether they accept or refuse a command like morality matters, but they won't do as I say.
  8. I tried it out despite not having every single requirement and well... It looks good until a character turns, revealing a few seams. I didn't want the hair so I got rid of it, I assume that was supposed to cover the seams but now they're visible.
  9. That's a lot of requirements, do you 100% need all of these? Also, is there a version without the 3D hair?
  10. Dear God put up a disclaimer to not do the things in this mod IRL... As long as people keep it on this platform it's fine
  11. I've already tried that one. I liked it and all, but having to manually add physics to people with an inventory item got tedious. Thanks for replying though
  12. I figured it out, I just had an older version than what was needed. Thanks for the response
  13. I got this mod a couple of times and I've had some issues. For one, I play as a beast race but the game insists I use the human textures. This was an easy fix, since I only want my character to have a schlong I just renamed the beast race textures to match the human ones and replaced those files. Secondly, it's always erect and doesn't bend like the male schlongs from SOS do. I use SexLab Aroused, but I wouldn't mind if the schlong didn't work with it so long as it could be flaccid and bend during animations.
  14. I got all the requirements including the original but the bodyslide sets aren't showing up, even before I got the original mod. Nevermind I added the sliders manually and it works now, thank you
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