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  1. Hey everyone I'm looking for a mod that lets you rent out or pimp out your spouse. Any way to make your spouse have sex with other NPCs would be great.
  2. Still early in development. You can find out more on the blog!
  3. Pregnancy and futa are definitely on the list. Thing #5 is probably a no-no if you can't mention it on these boards. I'm not planning on having any loli/snuff/scat content, so your outta luck if its any of those things. The request for an adolescent-esque character is also setting off my alarm, so I may need to pass on this specific request. Feel free to change the details and ask again. Like I said, I'm more than happy to accomodate most requests, but I'm firmly against any underage/overly violent/shitty content. I ho[e that's fair.
  4. I have but RPG Maker is just simpler for my needs. The end result will be an interactive visual story, where you fuck things. Using artwork + text to depict the sex means I can focus more on story. Also this is just a hobby for me, I have a pretty busy regular life. That said, maybe if the RPG Maker version gets enough interest, my next project will be on unity.
  5. @demonwise I know exactly how you feel. Making sprites look sexy is tough. That's why I'm focusing more on using text to build up to sex and then having the screen fade to black to show an animation. I would probably describe my game as Legend of Queen Opala with more sexing and less grinding or an interactive text adventure with graphics. Nice edits (aka boobs) to the game you mentioned btw!
  6. Awesome! Comments and suggestions ALWAYS welcome!
  7. Its a fantasy setting, similar to Skyrim. I'm hoping to have Western artwork, or CG artwork from an artist who is pretty amazing (but very busy). I want to add that the game isn't JUST inces based, that's just one of the more prominent options. It will also be completely optional. If you have any sex scenario suggestions, I'd love to hear them!
  8. I will post most updates here: http://theaventurarpg.blogspot.ca/ So here's the low down: -graphics are like those seen in pokemon games/old school final fantasy games -huge focus on dialog choices and player morality -sex will be described in text with accompanying graphics (commissioned artwork... eventually) -constant updates and additions in terms of content -most kinks will be included, based on feedback from YOU -incest featured very prominently, including storylines with 6+ family members (likely more) -interspecies sex with almost every creature that can be thought of
  9. granted, but its delivered to you by http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100424103252/theitcrowd/images/a/a1/Richmond1%29.jpg who ends up staying at your place and just generally depressing you. I wish for another season of The IT Crowd
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