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  1. I can't really help you there since the mane color is categorized in Sexbound API's function on calling the race's hair or by default the race mod itself, but I suspect that it has something to do with the Gnollbound race via something about some changes from the color index within it likely from code or the .png file itself.
  2. One moment, I'm not on my PC right now and using phone to message sometimes ruins the spelling and auto-correction doesn't help either, so please wait while I finish work. EDIT: Its done now, you can download the files now and be sure to use the right version though, oh and one thing as well, don't put the rar/zip file in the mod folder, you have to extract it first and the folder can be put in the mod folder in order to work properly but might as well download the latest file since I added a unique moan sound for them to not use the Apex sound for the custom default races.
  3. Saturnian already has support, you can choose between cute yet buggier version or the default one, Thaumoth is a separate race but uses the cute yet buggier looks. Lucario is already in-progress from the guy himself, the author, it just take time in making it is all. Orcana and Lyceen is a hard No from the author, so don't even bother asking them again. Taurkin and Arachne, good luck on positioning their sprite because head global position will also affect other races as well. Merr-kin is a blank yes since Skittles already said that he's cool on adding other of his race as well as long as he is credited. Protogen, Losem, Changeling and Avioscale, you might want to ask those authors if they're ok with it on patching their race into the adult mod.
  4. Really weird but Ok, have fun with the populating the universe.
  5. Quite strange actually, can you test on removing the barometta sxb patch since they're sbg race like the lunarians, I know it can be conflict or missing mod in this case.
  6. From what my brother Alastor(recovering in the hospital) said to this file which is likely his first mod patch ever to be made here since nearly 2 years now, there wasn't a guideline on making race patch at that time which was created without permission in that year, afterwards of progress of the community making race patches and sharing it to the public without the consent of the authors, it pissed them off for not getting permission from them or they don't like their race getting patched into this Adult mod, which is now that this mod of his is on-hold until further notice from the race author himself. He will also remove the "owned by Eryns" since she's no longer gonna use this mod after her focus on being a sergeant in Law Enforcement and all it needs now is the confirmation of the race author which is why it hasn't been updated for a long time now.
  7. I think you're missing a patch for that race as well, that's why they turn into a bald human.
  8. Yeah, I think its the issue of the Lunarian, the only fix for Lunarian is by editing its patch file since its code conflicting with the Ningen one.
  9. Hello, this is currently Alastor's brother right now, I'll try to help as best I can. Firstly, can I see your modpack first since there are might be a case of it being conflicted to the other mod like Lunarian mod like brikbeard said above.
  10. The thaumoth are a separate race from the vanilla saturnian, and yes they do have permission if you read the description of the mod, vanilla saturnians also has permission on it as well. As for the two non-playables, I'll check it out if its a separate race or a npc type after work.
  11. File is now updated to use female human moans for both genders.
  12. Its currently as a default moaning sound for modded races from the Sexbound API since male human hasn't been made just yet. you'll have to wait for the API to update a new voice for it.
  13. Well, they are much of a costume/wearables, that would be either going to be as a armor/costume patch rather than a race patch.
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