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    Discord account is currently holded by my brother, you can ask him if you need help. Also, stop asking for Lyceen Race Patch, its been outdated and denied permission from the race author himself.

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  1. July 21 of 2021: Added 6 new race sxb patches links, check the first post of this forum on the changes.
  2. I've already finished the "custom" version although since the author of that particular reskin mod is a different person than the original race, It will be put to "on-hold" until the reskin author gave permission to use his/her mod for this type of usage.
  3. 2018 of September, that's much of a Legacy Edition of Sexbound. Sorry to say that the patch in that time is no longer supported to the latest version and most likely been deleted after SxB API v.5.x.x came which updates the sprites to a new one.
  4. That's because you've bricked the main starbound folder, you shouldn't overwrite anything that's from the core game itself. Overwriting anything from the vanilla file will essentially brick the game completely thus you'll have to reinstall the game itself again. That's why the mods folder exist on the starbound directory. It should be placed like this: All of the script or other stuff inside that folder should remain in their respected mod folder, you don't have to move it elsewhere.
  5. You've been placing it on the wrong directory folder, it should be this:
  6. mod folders won't read .src/.zip or other compression files, best to extract it until its a folder of that mod or use .pak instead
  7. seems like its not just hair but also a body reskin, the support was initially made for the default race mod so basically that answers your question.
  8. depends, if its just adds hair then there won't be a problem but try testing it out to see the outcome. note if it has some changes on the body template, that would mean there will be a different look of the race character between sex and outside of it.
  9. I would create our (Me and Sharkbyte's) reloaded race to be supported but since IRL stuff is happening around the world and still continues while of course my work is most likely needed on it, and I haven't updated the race for more content like I've promised to, everyone will have to wait for it until I get that precious free time, if that day has comes that is... Note that this is messaged from my phone and I'm still on duty while I wrote this.
  10. Just a reminder, support will only be worked on and published publicly of said race if permission from the race author has been agreed to be patched with SxB, just to be respectful to other modders so we don't have any arguement coming from them if their mod assets have been used without their permission and please do it on a private messaging.
  11. NPCspawner+ is your best bet. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895140470&searchtext=npcspawner Non-Steam: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/npcspawner.4637/
  12. Like I said in the past, Lyceen will never have a Sexbound Patch prior to the author's request. Hope you know that the last guy who published a patch regarding to said race got removed and with multiple tries to put it back again, the admin of the site had to step in and ban the guy. Permission of redistribute or modification from the original author of a particular mod is very strict in this site and doesn't take lightly to people who modified/published it here without their consent.
  13. a hotfix has been uploaded right now regarding to that issue due to the meta file having the same name as the ningen sexbound support.
  14. use the v.2.0 one, the others are for the legacy edition of SexboundAPI.
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