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  1. Have the same problem as well as brown face on Fjotra get this in CK Help, explain for a noob to understand please
  2. Got my character out doing home delivery and listening to this:
  3. Hard question to answer though, there are so many great rock blues players out there. Jeff Healey, Mark Knopfler, Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, Buddy Guy, Kenny Wayne Shephard.................and me lol
  4. Have to be B.B. King for the old classic blues and Joe Bonamassa for the more modern blues. a little B. B. I worked up on my DAW. Don't Answer The Door.mp3
  5. Thank you for the port of this mod. I do have a small hiccup though. Installed the 1.7 file. Do I need both files installed ? When I call for " I want to urinate / defecate in your/my mouth " I just get some kissing fondling animation that only last a short time. I do get the fart sound if I use defecate. Am I missing some animation files ?
  6. I don't have hdtHighHeels and works ok for me in that respect. Has anyone figured out the missing textures when stripped ? I am thinking it is in the femalebody_1_s.dds will have to play around with it and find out I guess.
  7. Thank you for the reply Psalam, Like your theme song by the way. I'll keep trying to get the #'s off the items I want but so far have not had much luck in getting them to spawn. I have gotten 5 different #'s for the cages and can't get them to show up and the #'s I got off the coffins I was going to use when I do the "player.placeatme" ends up spawning a bedroll.
  8. I am playing Skyrim SE with Flowergirls / Love Slaves mods, also playing as a vampire. I'm trying to furnish my Lakeview home to suit my needs. I have been able to furnish my main room with "tilted wheel" "rack" "pillory"and "rope cross" using ~ help ..... to find the items I need and the player.placeatme and then position. What I am having problems with is finding ID # for a usable coffin to put in my bedroom and would like to put in some usable cages in the "children's bedroom" to house my thralls. I would like to use cages like the wolf cages at Cragslane Cavern or the one outside Riften.
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