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  1. Will the masked elisf added by the mod have the same appearance as the real when even when it's modded?
  2. I tried everything you said and it didn't work. I then reverted to an older save (just by 10 minutes or so of progress), I have now played another few hours on that save and the issue has not appeared again, it's really weird.
  3. Also may I ask are the endings except 'breaking chains' achievable through normal gameplay rather than mcm?
  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/39407 The nexus one is more updated
  5. Initially the mod worked, now for some reason my character expression won't update, I have to equip/unequip some item for the expression to update. For example when I equip a DD gag, I can see in console that my character phenome is such that she should open her month, however the change only actually applies to her face when I unequip/equip something
  6. You can use active overlay mod which has a built in hook to arousal
  7. May I ask where is “go into honing meadery basement behind building” for international cuntbeating day quest?, I went into the basement and there was no dialogue, also couldn’t find any building behind the honingbrew meadery.
  8. The animation filter seems to be glitching a bit for me. With it on when I enter an animation, the scene starts with a correct bounded animation, however it then immediately switches to another bounded animation, and I found that variety of the bounded animations that the scene switches to is much smaller than what I have actually installed. Any clue on why this may be happening? I made sure that the animation filter that comes with zaz is turned off. Furthermore, if I switch on preserve scene aggressiveness along with the animation filter in DD, then with yoke my player always play a same blow job animation.
  9. Yea same mounting animation works well for me, only problem is that only the horse schlong gets into the right state. If you could fix that I'd say the mod works also perfectly
  10. One and half year later, I am still getting this issue when hovering over some items causes instant CTD...has anyone found a fix to this?
  11. The patch name is SSE_ZapAnkleChainFix, so I am pretty sure it's for SSE also it isn't overwriting any DD stuff. Strangely installing the faster HDT-SMP from nexus fixed it for me, must've been something wrong with my previous SMP install then!
  12. Sorry? I downloaded my devious device from this thread, which is a thread for SE I believe?
  13. Update, it seems to be specifically fetters with balls, fetters with just chains work fine
  14. Hello, I am using Devious device SE 5.1 with ZAZ 8.0, I got a separate patch for zaz that adds SMP physics to the ankle chains for that mod. However when I equip fetters/shackles from DD my game CTDs. Any advice? HDT physics on things like collar chains works perfect...
  15. May I ask how do I disable the female variants of creatures like giantess, female draugr and dragon was?
  16. Hmm after update my character's mouth remains closed for most part of blow job animations, otherwise everything else seems to be well.
  17. I think the update fixed the issue! expressions are now much natural, however I did notice that after the update whenever I start an animation, the sounds and voices start playing, but actors move to a same spot and wobble for a noticeably longer period of the time before getting into position. Also the stripping sound would play twice.
  18. Hmm in my game it happens 4/5 if the actor had her tongue out when reaching orgasm stage
  19. Also my character can sometimes have her mouth closed even with a tougue while in animation, I got all the requirements installed and nothing overwriting the same script, is there any particular setting in sexlab that I should tweak? (I have reset expression registry after installing the mod)
  20. Is there anyway to limit the types of tongues that my character may use in animation?
  21. Thanks you for replying, in our previous conversation you mentioned that if I don’t clean the save then all is well as a response to my earlier procedure where not only a new save is made after removing the older version of the mod, but that save would also be cleaned. I misunderstood your reply as that when it comes to upgrading I should still make a new save when the mod was removed but just not clean it. Since the mod I am upgrading this time is enb light I am pretty sure just reinstalling will do the trick, thanks for clarifying the procedure.
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