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  1. But it turns out I was wrong, Sexlab already automatically progresses the expression with enjoyment. So really all you need is a bigger pool of expressions
  2. The way expressions are implemented in sexlab, it's not simple. There are a handful of expressions which can be chosen when a scene starts, each expression changes after each stage, but this change is based only on the expression and the stage, not character enjoyment or something like that. I made a mod "Sexlab Mind Break" which adds some hentai-like change in expression for the player over time, including ahegao. But unfortunately it is incompatible with SL expressions, means that only PC can have expressions. I am working on an update which is compatible with SL expr
  3. Haven't tried it yet but what's the character motivation for the assassinations? Is it a "get money" kind of thing or are you assassinating people to protect innocents? Both maybe?
  4. Don't apologize to me, it's your game. I don't think there's that much to change in the Sexlab config though, and I think most of the config you can just export to a JSON and then reload after the rest? Maybe not, IDK
  5. Is it the same mod initiating the sex every time? This used to happen to me but hasn't for years. EDIT: Possible solution here -
  6. It is tough to figure out how to use the contraptions as much as I like the idea. It is boring to just leave the player in them, really you want to use them as part of a scene or scripted story. But the DDC API puts the actor who is in the furniture into a scene, which conflicts with a lot of stuff one might want to do with them. For example, I tried to write a quest where the player is tied to a DDC chair and vibrated. But I can't, because DD vibrator checks if the actor is in a scene :/. So I need to write a custom vibrate effect...but at that point it's easier to bypass both DDC
  7. Sorry to triple post, I can confirm that it is impossible for DD vibration to cause orgasm with SLAM if timeVibrated >= 3 && vibStrength >= 3 && aroused.GetActorExposure(akActor)>= 99 This is the condition in DD for orgasm to be triggered. But in SLAM, the vibrate event no longer adds exposure, it adds "teasing". Kimy doesn't allow patches for DD so there is no way to fix it on DD's side, GetActorExposure() should be modified to return legacy val + teasing val
  8. @Voodooh I have a different DD vibration related error. I do not think that the "stop vibrating" event is fired by DD reliably if the vibration is stopped by removing the plug, rather than the vibration finishing normally. If I understand how the mod works, the decay is never set on the DDTease arousal component, so it will never decay. I think this happened in my game - the plug was removed as part of a quest by actor dialogue, now it doesn't decay. You can fix this glitch by not relying on the VibrateEffectStop event, and instead setting the decay in your OnUpdat
  9. Is it a specific quest mod that requires orgasm giving you the issue or is it any vibration event? DD vibration events are called with a time limit, which is specified in terms of number of function loops. Only reason it should hang indefinitely is: 1. The quest requires you to orgasm. From the code in SLAM it looks like this should be possible, but I haven't tested it yet 2. SLAM has broken some function called by DD in its loop and so it now hangs forever 3. SLAM made some function called by DD in its loop very slow, so and it's lagging the RW
  10. Some news here. I have rebuilt the mod from the ground up. I have decided that SOS shouldn't be a hard requirement. The mod has been rewritten with mechanics that can actually be understood. SLSO is also no longer a requirement. For the accompanying quest mod, I have two introductory quests complete, and one partially complete. These three quests are a short intro to the mod mechanics. There are also a few in-progress repeatable quests. There are a few other quests in that mod which I either need to disable or complete before I can release it. I will release
  11. If you are having low FPS and CTD because of a specific follower, it could be the follower skin texture. I had a similar problem, mysteriously my game crashed when I added a new mod. I uninstalled mod by mod, sometimes it was fine sometimes not. Eventually I realized, I was playing with an 8k skin texture made for taking screenshots. Downgraded to a lower res texture and everything was OK.
  12. I'm still playing with DD on my main character, just swapped to toys for the intro quest for a bit so didn't get to see much else. Overall I really like the aesthetic of it, I think it will become really good. Also I like the optionality of things, I don't like the "fondle yourself" mechanic but I see it's toggleable in the MCM so that is great. The hands behind back thing though is very noticeable, I'm sure you will find a way to work around it.
  13. Overall I really like the idea of making items removable at a certain arousal level, that is a very fun mechanic. With DD, I always roleplay a character who doesn't want the devices, so for that I always need to try removing them. But me (player) doesn't want them removed right away, I feel unlucky if I struggle out immediately. So this is a better solution, don't let character remove the device until there's been some payoff
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