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  1. Try these two mods together and favorite whatever items you don't want taken away. This and this. I never tried these mods and I don't know if it will work with Defeat, but you can try.
  2. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.01.03 -
  3. I believe it's in this mod it should be called "20 Body Secondary" and the face rune tats should be called "39 Head Alt F". If not then also try the second community overlays or Yyvengar Bodypaint from the same mod author, those are the ones I have downloaded.
  4. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2020.11.22 -
  5. I remember having an issue like that. I could be wrong because it was a while ago, but I believe it was Deviously Enslaved that was giving me those issues. I fixed it by disabling the follower dialogue in the MCM.
  6. Check the downloads in the MNC page, Hentai creatures is in there.
  7. I noticed you left Unfuzer.exe, Unfuzer.ini, and xWMAEncode.exe in the sound/voice/cumpires.esp folder, is that supposed to be there?
  8. I personally have not had any trouble with version 360 of Prison Overhaul Patched which is a prior version and the last version which didn't require SUM. Of course we're playing on SSE which is why we're using this outdated version, @Neydzz was the one who recommended this version for SSE users. In the past, I tried some of the newer versions which were converted to SSE by other users and the scenes would never progress unless saved, exited, and loaded back the save only to progress the scene by one scene, I would have to repeat the process for each scene. As for followers, I have yet to try t
  9. Yeah restricting feeding to the first orgasm sounds like a good work around for multiple orgasms. 👍
  10. Yeah I went into the Cursed Loot settings and set prison overhaul chance it to 70% just to leave some variation. Also I've never tested the arrest with a follower so I may have the same issue, I would have to test it out first.
  11. Ahh I was wondering why it wasn't working, guess that makes sense. I'll just have to wait for the patch then.
  12. Yeah I'm glad I can finally play it I tried many other conversions of the mod made by other people, they just didn't work in my game. Seems like version 360 was the right one; for my game anyways. Hope you figure out the compatibility error.
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