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  1. Basically I'm trying to try out interesting scenarios and see where they go. Oh and hi I'm new to all this but find the sex mod fun as hell. Right now I have two females and a male living together non stop sex and got bored so I got the two women to fight each other over some heated bullshit. Like maybe him or time with him idk. Anyways I'm having fun with this fight phase they are in. The two females get super catty then beat each other's asses for a while. They guy wants to break it up and talk sense but how do I go about doing that? I read some things about trying to fix the relationship but saw that only once, clicked it and nothing happened. I wonder if there is better mods out there for expanded AI in this sort of situation. More choices etc. Or if using MC Commander & cheats, how do I go about expanding the males ability to mediate? Maybe he's missing those skills...Any suggestions? Thanks! P.S. I'll probably post some pictures of them etc sometime soon. I used some mods to make them look hot as hell, cept the dude. Don't care about him haha. Made my own clothes, mostly heavy metal T's grindcore stuff like that. The one girl shes mexican, in a gang, and super hot headed, the other just catty af and cynical so yeah it was easy to get them to fight. I'll post the story behind them too sometime...
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