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  1. SLEN (Sex Lab Eager NPCs) has 2 events like that, one happens on dragon death and other when clearing a dungeon. I would also like to give a suggestion, when punishing a slave, the closer to death they get the more they perceive you are talking serious about punishment, and the more effective it is. And could be some exceptions like broken slaves do not care about it anymore, something like that. One more thing, it has been some time I put some normal clothes on slaves (usually is naked or some semi-naked armor), and just now I saw low quality clothes have some humiliation effect. Could I ask the same with modded equips? In special the Jeweled Butt plugs? With a bonus like for slaves with high sex skill get more arousal =D And since I'm here, some feedback. Tested heavily on VR, HSH is working fine, updated both PAHE and DOM to latest version too. The new widgets for notifications worked although it cuts the last word and I think the slot for slave 0 don't appear (will pay attention next time). Edit: did payed attention and slots 0, 1 and 2 appear normal, slots 3, 4 and 5 does not appear at all and slots 6 and 7 appear but a little out of place and with messages incomplete. Maybe you could add a config on MCM to restore the old notifications.. =/ Thanks for your hard work! =D
  2. Been playing on Skyrim VR. All those little things for immersion are awesome. Pahe + HSH was already good, and DOM knows no equal. Thank you for this great mod, hope you continue upgrading this masterpiece. As for VR compatibility, everything is working fine. Well, there are some minor things like spinning camera during the body inspection animation or I cant close the rename slave window on Pahe MCM, but well, whatever, I can live without those things =D. HSH is installed but still untested by me, but someone else said it works so I'll get there.
  3. And I thought I read everything '-' Thanks, that helped!
  4. Hello everyone Got my HMD last week, a Pimax Artisan. So for now I still do not have motion controllers or roomscale, been playng on a Xbox controller. Got everything working, followed this guide and got to say Thank you, this guide here is clean and precise, really helped. Only issue I got was on load order, moding on SSE it didn't matter wich loaded first, papyrus or sexlab framework but on VR papyrus has to load AFTER SL. Well, everything is working but not quite there yet, animations in 1st person are completely unaligned, turning my head or turning the camera via xobx controller moves VRIK body around, and I never get a position that made sense, often clips though the body or cant see the action. Third person is even worse, camera in one place, VRIK body in another and the other actor in the scene sometimes follow the animation correctly but sometimes simply disappear. I thought that it was a VRIK issue but after many tweaks I am thinking this is a controller issue. As I'm playing sitting VRIK may lack enough input to correctly emulate the body. Google didn't helped me here, so I'm asking you guys, has anyone managed to get the animations to work correctly without roomscale? Or on the other side, at some time I will get motion controllers and the lighthouse tracking system, can anyone with roomscale equipment share your experience? It works nicely, or the animations still needs tweaking for to work good on vr? Thanks.
  5. Yep, you're right! Didn't knew that mod, and a fast read got me too. Definitely giving in a try.
  6. I've been playing with LLs mods for years and for the first time something made me get out of my cave, say hello to the world and congratulate you for creating such a mod. Really, DOM got me. So, thinking I can help you in some way, I'll leave here my experience and thoughts about this mod. First of all, I installed on a existing save with hundreds of mods but not that many hours of gameplay, I had 7 slaves on PAHE and thank you for the installation instructions. All is working fine, played for some days now, got no crashes, no bizarre bugs, and a small list of strange behaviours that I am almost certain that is related to mod conflict after I installed DOM: Some slaves on PAHE just don't follow me. They accept the order, turn their bodies on me but dont walk at all. First I thought it was because of pre-existing save, but happened to new slaves too, and not to all of them. Must be something im doing, don't know what. Since I didn't see anyone else saying that they had this behavior, it's probably on my side.. Got that "no name" bug, in my mod list I have MiasLair and the PAHE patch, so maybe there is some other mod conflict? Anyway, just going to the slave page on PAHE menu and renaming them solves the problem. I'll see more in depth if I did everything right with the patch too. HSH training system appear to not be working anymore, thats my priority today. Will try to reset/reinstall to see if I can get it back to work. Usually I get slaves from bandit camps, and more often than not they are resistant to pain/sex and hard to train. Would be hard to train them all alone. Since I am not really testing the mod, but playing as if is already completed and stable (living dangerously =p), i'm not forcing bugs to happen or trying to understand why something specific had happened. And also, since i'm playing and enjoying the mod (PAHE looks more complete now), I have some ideas for the future of the mod: Tamriel is a land of magic. While all those personality and emotional traits gives NPCs a new light and I liked it, I like magic too much and would love to see some more magical ways to train slaves. In practice, things like aphrodisiac or arousal enhancing spells that alters how sex training works, Illusion spells that temporarily changes moods, or even enchanted itens that messes with those traits like slave never get angry but lose respect for you using such cheap tricks, a punishment device that shocks the user, or something that makes the npc thinks you care about them by giving a life enhancing item to a Frail actor. The same idea is true on non magical items, as pointed out before, using food to make a better mood as in MiasLair, or more results with different cloths (better armor for combat slaves, rich clothes, or giving some pricey item could be seen as a token of confidence) as well as removing those "rewards" as a form of punishment. The command that orders the slave do something for you could be used for more things, ordering a slave to use a HSH torture device is one thing, but ordering them to some other vanilla things like sleep brings some interesting thoughts, in this case the npc could see it as a reward, even greater if its the HSH marked bed (after all, you're gonna sleep in the Master's bed, suck up that, bitches xD) (or it isn't how it works..? Have some doubts now..) A random thought that passed in my head when I saw that you can train a slave resistance to Humiliation was that there is those who like to see the slave imitating a animal like a cat, dog, pig... Just don't know how do-able it is. Saw that you are looking into more idles based on moods, I don't have many ideas neighter animation suggestions but here are my thougths: A in love actor could automatically follow the master without asking (or make a sensual pose/walking if in love and aroused). Vampires need to eat too. Having a vampire slave may not be good on the others slaves... Never played with werewolves to know how they would interact, but thinking about it, ones race could matter on slave on slave interactions. And that would be it. I hope all this writing can help you somehow. Thanks for all the work done so far! Sorry for any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language.
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