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  1. There is no way to merge because the tattoos are packaged in a .bsa file. I would choose to delete the 2.4 (and the patches that I uploaded to the forum, in case you have them) and then install the new one.
  2. I finally had time to try it (latest version) and it seems fantastic. Congratulations! As it was in a new game, the one who helped me remove the devious devices was Codsworth. All the derogatory dialogues I read (in my head) with Codsworth's voice and it was so fkn funny.
  3. The main change was that I discarded the dirty skins and just put only the wounds. As Get Dirty is already compatible with AAF, it seems redundant to keep my skin dirty. But adding the 1.5 skins to the new one will not be inconvenient. I agree that those of 1.5 looked more raw. As I have no plans for tattoos, I will work on that and also on its version for men. Let me know if you have in mind any specific skin for "BodyTalk" to work with.
  4. I hadn't modified it because in Vortex it doesn't show that info. Do you use MO2? I don't use it, but does it affect the organizer in any way if it says "2.3"? Let me know and I correct it and upload it again.
  5. What's New in Version 2.5 Released Just now 02/14/2020 The patches I uploaded in the forum are no longer necessary. "Captive Paws 2.4" and "2.4 HotFix". It is highly recommended to delete them before installing the new version. 2.5 contains 100 body tattoos for men (BodyTalk) and facial tattoos for men. Added few new facial tattoos for both sexes. Few body tattoos for women. It is possible to create colored tattoos, although there are limitations and not everything I did seemed satisfactory. To improve the selection of tattoos, those located on the back will start with "(Back Butt)" and not simply "(Butt)", so that all tattoos located behind are arranged at once. In the same way, those who used to start with "(Belly)" will now start with "(Front Belly)". "Proud of the Minutemen" was changed to "Pride of the Minutemen". Improved resolution of "Grab Me". Now there is one red and one black. "(Belly) Lewd" is now pink and differs from "(Belly) RaiderQueen", which is black. Fixed several errors indicated in the forum. List PICS
  6. No, just delete the old version and install the new one. If your companion has a lot of tattoos, she will keep them. I usually correct many things, but I don't edit IDs. That allows tattoos to remain through updates.
  7. LOL then at least support him in Patreon if you intend to demand things from him, but above all you must learn to behave. Toxic attitudes like yours contribute to an author to abandon. If the animations you want are so critical for your playable experience, MAKE THEM YOURSELF.
  8. No problem. I had already sent my modification a few days ago to MrCruelJohn, in private. 1. There is no graphic effect when equipped with blindfold. 2.No rabbit hops. But you can't run or jog with leg restraints. 3. The gag is only aesthetic. You can talk. It's not immersive, but I was tired of the "who put that on you?" all the time. I just removed the magic effects via FO4Edit. DD Patch.7z
  9. Well, for that you have to beg ... If you beg for a long time, you will have plenty of food and drink ... For medicines, you have to save money. And offer the butt, which is the product that customers ask for the most.
  10. I caught the bastard. Everything happened because the mod was looking for "allowedthigh.bgem", but I had it as "allowedthig.bgem" (without the final "h"). Now it works as it should. Meanwhile, I will leave the fix here for anyone who wants to correct immediately. Captive Tattoo 2.4 HotFix.7z
  11. The esp created by the latest version of Creation Kit do not work in previous versions of Fallout. Until now, all those who have had the same problem as yours were because they had an outdated version of Fallout . If you already have it updated and the esp does not appear in the MCM, then I can't think of another solution.
  12. For the next update I will have ready 100 tattoos for men. Already made 85. Luckily, 95% of female facial tattoos are perfect for men. Only tattoos on the chin and around the throat are not well positioned.
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