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  1. I definitely want to streamline that part for the next batch of new quests. Now I take it easier so I don't know when that will be. At the end of recording the advertisement for the protectron, the robot can direct you directly to Shank. Shank could have seen your performance from afar. So you decide either to go back to Sanctuary or start the Audition.
  2. A couple of notes about 2.0.9. Even with all voice files, Corsican sometimes slows down in its dialogues. This happens because he is speaking while changing idles (he smokes a lot) and it seems that this "braking" in his dialogues stays stuck for a while. I tweaked some dialogs (just some) today thanks to @Tentacusbecause they are so easy to include. Now the mod recognizes if you danced or if you fucked the dog. (New game needed).
  3. Just packed. I still have to do a couple of tests just to be safe, but I'll leave it here anyway. -deleted- Seems like an unnecessary update. But I really don't want the version without (some) lip movements to be the one uploaded.
  4. No. I moved it to avoid conflicts with the Vanilla version, so the player can activate Piper. I have tried three times and all Piper was activated normally. I just checked it again. But, gonna check it latter in the CK. @Gamaramdi Sullivan tells you one thing or another whether or not you are wearing your porn actress clothes. But it is true that the sarcastic option must vary. I will add it today. Have a suggestion for a sarcastic response?
  5. Sure, I didn't express myself well. I will take care of structuring everything and then I will consult you for the dialogues that I will write.
  6. I just looked at that quest and it is as easy as adding a new stage and adjusting the conditions. It won't even affect the savegame. I can prepare the dialogues in a notepad document and then send it to you for a correction if you see it necessary.
  7. I should have clarified that the canon is that you danced. Right now the mod doesn't know if you danced or played with the dog. It only knows that you did one of the two, so there is no way to make different dialogues. But I could try to make a more neutral dialogue. That can be said whether you have done the dance or have played with the dog.
  8. If all goes well, that will be included in a new version with new quests.
  9. Ya lo tengo solucionado crack. Borré archivos de voces de animales y NPC que yo no uso, pero aparentemente no debo borrarlos porque pasa eso que dices XD Ya tengo lista la versión 2.0.9, solo estoy esperando algún bug más y lo subo mañana. Oye, te puedo pasar luego la versión que estoy trabajando? Cuando la termine, claro. La tengo en un 80% ahora mismo.
  10. Thanks. I still don't use those, so I didn't make them bodyslides.
  11. Ok, it's done. Greetings do not have force greetings. But I checked the "Requires player activation" box now so there should be no interference anymore. Apollo Scenes and No Greetings V2.7z Now the rings can be seen in the first person thanks to Kharnet.
  12. @vjnmrf I made a correction, could you try it and tell me if it work for you? I forced the dog and character to go to a point near the doghouse before starting AAF + prevent furniture. Apollo Scenes.7z
  13. If you already made the video, returned to the Commonwealth, and finally returned to Nuka World, type this on the console sqv _NukaRide_ToCommonwealth Should throw stage 100 If it doesn't, write: SetStage _NukaRide_ToCommonwealth 100. It's the Stage that Shank needs to talk to you.
  14. The changes are very superficial. They should not affect other players. 2.0.6 I forgot a condition when you win the main quest. The robot who drives the PickUp continues to charge you if you want to travel. In 2.0.7 I forced Mason to fuck on his throne, I think it is very important that it was not random. 2.0.8 will help me on future drug delivery missions. I will no longer have to edit cells. By 2.0.9 I hope to have corrected a scene with Apollo and the voices "on brake". I'm on the lookout for another major bug to try to fix. 2.1 would be the version with corrected texts of Tentacus. Final version I hope. As for now I have no plans to adapt my mod to other mods out there. It is in this version that I am going to add the strings for whoever wants to start translating the dialogs into the languages they want.
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