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    FNV What mods are these?

    http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/56198/? http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44757/?
  2. There is a great bunny suit mod for Fallout 3 http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/5052/ And it has been converted to New Vegas http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/42178/ (Which the mod author seems to be fine with people freely using and modifying) Sure, there is the decent bunny suit found in some anime compilation or children mods, but they aren't exactly what I am looking for. I want a bunny suit mod that adds bunny suit variants to each casino. Gomorrah could have spiked and armored latex bunny suits with a latex mask with ears (Increasing melee damage and is light armor) The Tops could have skimpy bunny suits with a little top hat over one ear (Increasing barter and luck) The Ultra-Luxe could have a classy bunny dress with a bioshock-esque bunny masks instead of ears (Increasing speech and luck) Vikki and Vance could have a bunny suit with a holster and a fedora with ears (Increasing agility and luck) The Silver Rush could have a combat bunny suit upstairs (Increasing energy weapons and is medium armor) The Atomic Wrangler could have a cowgirl themed bunny suit with a little leather vest and a cowboy hat with ears (Increasing guns and is light armor) (worn by Beatrix, after she joins of course) The Lucky 38 could have the classic bunny girl outfit (increasing luck, by a lot) The Bison Steve Hotel and Casino could have an actual bison themed bunny suit, with horns instead of ears (Increasing survival and luck) The Sierra Madre could have a Roman themed bunny suit, with a toga (Increasing Charisma and Luck) And maybe even a power armor variant found in the BoS bunker (Increasing unarmed damage and is heavy armor) (Perfect for Veronica) And for the hell of it, why not replace the Vault suits in Vault 21 with vault themed Bunny suits, they are in Vegas after all PS: And if these suits could be comparable with the discontinued Daughter of Ares mod, that would be the bee's knees.
  3. Just sayin, if the whole Fallout 4 thing is gonna take too much time to for the community to figure out custom races, it would be cool to see an Elin run around in power armor, beating super mutants to death with a super sledge, even if it is in Fo3/NV.
  4. So are you gonna try to port the Elin model to New Vegas, or are you just gonna wait till 4 and wait for everything to be figured out for custom races?
  5. I'm not talking about a separate thing that is masculine, I'm talking about an Elin who's personality is more in line with a man's than a woman. Like a melee class of Elin would be masculine and a ranged or healer would be feminine. And Gems from Steven Universe don't have a life cycle either, but new ones can still be created. In fact, Steven is the first and only gem to be created through reproduction.
  6. Aren't Elin some kind of ageless, genderless furry creatures made up of a Goddess's essence? What's to say a masculine Elin and a feminine Elin can't come together and raise a newly "born" Elin? I mean, in the latest episodes of Steven Universe, on Cartoon Network, we clearly see Ruby and Sapphire, two ageless child like beings of a genderless by feminine alien race, totally making out. https://youtu.be/cDXsXNJZRIU?t=2m30s And yes, the red and blue children fusion made out, like fusion dancing from Dragon Ball, only a lot more interesting. Can't recommend Steven Universe enough btw.
  7. With all the anticipation for the Fallout 4 announcement, any plans on taking a whack at porting the race over to the Fallout engine? Would be kinda cool to walk down the Strip, with my bunny ears poking out of my fedora, while in a pin stripped suit, holding a tommy gun.
  8. I am as much a Skyrim fan as any, but the Tales of Two Wastelands mod for Fallout New Vegas just got some major patch fixes and I miss killing creatures with my cute little bunny ears. So, I was wondering if you could possibly port this race to Fallout New Vegas. Cause it would be adorable to walk around in a little dapper suit and punch super mutants as an Elin.