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  1. I try starting a new game without Wartimes active, set up my current active mods, and created a save game in the Alternate Start prison right before I'm ready to select an alternate start option (save 1) . I selected the Companion Guild alternate start option, and went to Idolaf & Adrienne. They were properly having their conversation. I saved my game at that time(save 2), closed Skyrim and enabled the Wartimes mod. Started Skyrim back up and loaded Save 1. I now selected the Wartimes Alternate Start from the statue, walked through the quest until I need to go see Belethor the first time. Went to Whiterun, Idolaf & Adrienne are having their conversation properly again, with the Wartimes mod enabled. So, this method seemed to work for me. Now just need to figure out why mom has a neck gap. Something I noticed when loading back in Save 1 with Wartimes enabled. But I got a message in the upper left corner stating that the Wartime quest has started. I'm not sure if this message displays during the deluge of messages at the start of a new game, but it does show that the mod has a quest object that needs to start separately from selecting the option in the Alternate Start statue menu.
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