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  1. Went a bit overboard with this one but hey, not sorry! Well, perhaps a little.
  2. After struggling to find any inspiration, I changed the hairstyle on one of my old sims to this, which is still my favourite hair that anyone has ever made for this game, and the results are magic! Now I'm officially in love with polygons.
  3. Some style overload. What's under the coat.
  4. I've too many ideas and not enough patience for new a sex scene, so I've gone back to old habits and it's way less time consuming. @erplederp Wow, those are great too!
  5. @erplederp Those magazine covers I thought they looked familiar, then I realised it was Dandon Fuga and I should know better because I follow them on Instagram.
  6. @Juliette Tango As if I didn't want to re-watch X-Files more than I already did.
  7. Another scene from me, It's the longest one I've done, custom cum effects too. Check the blog to see how this guy reacts to catching his wife in the act.
  8. Thanks! I put way too much time into this.
  9. Another scene from me, it's the longest one I've done! Much more in the blog post.
  10. Credit goes to Lupobianco, Mike24, Amra72, Motherlodesims, GreyNaya, wild_guy, Dumbaby and sstormyy
  11. @2cool4u_1 Whoops, yeah I purposefully leave names out. They all have names, obviously, but I'm useless at naming things so I hit the random buttons til I get something I like and then maybe tighten it. Thank you though.
  12. Took a break from making filth and made something more classy
  13. God, this is perfect! This is exactly how I would describe them! The Sims 3 may have more depth and bigger world spaces but I'd pick this one every time. I went back to TS3 a few years ago, and it wasn't what I remembered. It felt stiff and still ran poorly, plus I couldn't make a sim I liked the look of and I NEVER could! I don't know why I keep seeing people get so bent out of shape over this game though.
  14. I'm sorry to keep this going, but I wanted to try once more, properly. I won't be buying any more uploads, so this is definitely the last from me! The original Messed around and got these two really good likenesses. Though it struggled with the hair behind the ear. But this is the final result I'm most happy with, or the most I feel like was my original idea when making the sim. The first one is the most similar to the original image, but this one feels like the sim fully realised. Hell, they all are to be honest.
  15. You've opened Pandora's box! Except the only thing that comes out of it, is beauty... It's like a nice Pandora's box.
  16. @Mariana Soprano Well it has definitely made me wish the game looked anywhere that good, my sims feel inadequate now
  17. Well since everyone's at it, I might as well chip in. I threw this at it. It didn't like the head tilt, haha. I messed around with the sliders and got these realistic takes on the top and more artistic ones at the bottom from random similar's. It's a ton of fun, I could sit there and see what it spits out for hours and give myself some serious eye strain.
  18. Your blog description says that you're not particularly good at screenshots. That is not true! Your composition work is really, really good!
  19. I finally finished this, took way too long for what it is but hey, a learning process. If group sex is your cup of tea, then I have something for you! Check the blog for more.
  20. A new series of images! Check the attached blog post for more.
  21. This somehow took nearly a week to finish, after many scrapped ideas and images, I'm finally just enough satisfied with it. Though it could probably be longer! I tried to be creative using 1-on-1 animations and combining them with other animations and poses wherever I could. I also took some time practicing custom cum effects too, difficult but worth it. I still have no idea how she ended up in the men's locker room But lets be grateful she is. Credit goes to Lifeline, Mike24, Lupobianco, GreyNaya, Amra72, sstormyy, Dumbaby and ecobotstar.
  22. @erplederp Damn, those sort of tools are scary good. Really interesting results.
  23. @Tirloque Thank you for your insight, it's very helpful. I'm a visually driven person and although I can write somewhat well when I have to, my imagination and creativity don't always line up. I suppose that goes with everyone. For me the biggest hurdle is the contrivance. As soon as I put too much thought into it, it begins to fall apart for me. Using imagery alone is a lot harder though, especially in The Sims where I'm limited by the poses other people make. I have to be super suggestive, I may have to start using Blender and make my own poses.
  24. @clamman5 That makes me feel better because in the scene that I'm drafting at the moment, I can't logically justify why it's happening! It's basically porn logic. So I can just let the viewer join the dots. Not lazy at all.
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