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  1. @petronius No, sadly I'm too lazy to get that to work.
  2. Some additional shots of an outfit that has a couple of issues, but I still wanted to use in some way. I fixed its flaws with some photo editing.
  3. Lilith Whitmore Brooke Stapleton Tanya Knight
  4. Brooke Stapleton Brooke's CAS Previews and Outfits
  5. Lilith Whitmore Lilith's CAS Previews and Outfits
  6. Well, October is around the corner...
  7. I apologise for my absence. I should have announced I was taking a break but I didn't expect it to go that long. However, I've got three new sims in early development! Though, it's getting tougher to make unique sims and lately the CC that's being released hasn't caught my eye, so my updates will probably still remain infrequent.

  8. After a long time of wanting to make my own poses I finally stopped being lazy and gave it a go. It's early days but I'm getting more and more comfortable with Blender and its quirks, which I thought would never happen because I've tried before and immediately went "nope!" Here are some early examples I tested. One pose has three variations, something I wish pose makers would do more of. I actually froze when coming up with an idea because I realised that pretty much all the ideas I had, have already been done and the ones I really want to make involve furniture or objects, which intimidate me right now.
  9. @EvalovesEP I apologise, this one was a bit overkill and I'm usually cautious about posting too much in one go. I'll try not to do it again.
  10. So I passed 60k downloads the other day and that's quite surprising to me. It means a lot, because I make these solely to be shared, as I don't play the game anymore, so it makes it worth it and I sincerely hope you enjoy them! @23rdDjin Thank you for your patience, it took me longer than normal to get these uploaded so I hope it was worth the wait.
  11. Abigail Blackwood Abigail's CAS Previews and Outfits
  12. Yvette Campbell Yvette's CAS Previews and Outfits
  13. Hallie Castillo Hallie's CAS Previews and Outfits
  14. A remake of an old sim I used to love that was never uploaded, but brought up to date because she desperately needed it. Looking back on old sims is kind of shocking sometimes!
  15. Oof, sorry about this, I feel for you. I'm not tech savvy but the advice given is probably worth it. I dunno, I'm lazy with that stuff admittedly. I should back-up my files immediately though, my PC is ancient at this point.
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