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  1. Abandoner's Sim Gallery [49 Original Female Sims]

    Abandoner's Sim Gallery 
    100% Free 
    I've always considered myself a photographer first, sim-maker second. Though I always liked the idea, sharing my sims was never at the forefront of my mind or what I was trying to achieve. I've never really thought my sims were that special, but more that I was better at putting the pieces together for image making. I was hesitant for a while because I wasn't truly satisfied with my sims, but now I think it's finally time to share. 
    In the end, I can only hope you are satisfied with them and enjoy them, whichever way you play the game.
    My sims are forever free, I have no Patreon account and will never start one. 

    Nothing is truly "required" but the following files would be needed to achieve the look of the breasts as shown in my previews. You are free to use whatever body mods, enhancements and sliders you like. I left things mostly vanilla for this purpose. I'm not sure what my skin texture will look like with those however. Most likely just fine.
    Heavy Boobs 1.7.1
    by Heliotropic
    ([Helio] HB Slider.package found in the main file is what I'm using)
    Pure Shape Breast Mesh
    by Dumbaby
    (Dumbaby female breast meshes (3) is the file to download on that page)
    Most of my sims are using Pure Shape 2, some are using Pure Shape 1. If you're using a different breast slider or mesh, you'll obviously want to shape things differently to your own taste.
    As always, place the tray files in your tray folder and the mods in your mods folder respectively
    The most important file included is the 'AbandonerSkin.package'. This is absolutely required. It's the edited skin overlay I'm using and what does all the heavy lifting with my sims. It has 'average', 'athletic' and 'curvy' options. It's not perfect and is an overlay that only covers the face, front torso, butt, knees, hands and feet. The back, arms and legs are still vanilla in appearance.
    Sadly, my included CC is all loose in the mods folder, none of it is categorized. If you find this cumbersome, I apologise, but it was significantly easier for me this way, I'm new at this. If you want me to change this in the future, please let me know.
    If you already have certain files, you'll have to decide what you do with them at your own discretion. wild_guy's body details are included and as of right now are up to date, but again, it's up to you on what you do with them.
    But you must include the "alternate slot" files that are included with most of my sims to get all the skin details working together. Unless you have Sims 4 Studio experience and want to tinker around with that stuff yourself.
    Important Notes
    Included with my new Sims is an alternate or "upgraded" version of my skin texture that reduces the cheek dimples across all three variations and blurs the line in the eye area where the overlay cuts off, the curvy option had this already. This is by no means a replacement, it just allows me more flexibility in sim making. You should keep both. It's labelled V1.2 and has the appropriate thumbnails.
    All CC used is publicly available
    You will inevitably encounter a missing content prompt when loading my sims from the gallery. Ignore this. It's fine.
    Some will have minor things from an expansion pack or two. If you don't have them you won't be missing anything. I've tried to keep all EA stuff that's worn from the base-game wherever possible.
    If you're unfamiliar with 3D eyelashes, they use the glasses slot. So when undressing it's important to keep that in mind, you may want to configure the Wicked Whims auto undress settings and not "undress completely" because they can look a little weird without them.
    I've kept all traits very simple, nothing that has negative impacts. You may want to change this to make them more interesting. Some traits and aspirations are from expansions.
    I've tried to use hair that doesn't clip too much or completely cover the breasts, as much as possible, but there are a few exceptions. In general I'd recommend not changing the hair since each face was made and sculpted with their selected hair in mind, but you may feel the need to change it anyway. Some have more than one hairstyle.
    Some outfits, especially cold weather, are a little cut and paste because it's harder to keep those all unique. Sometimes Hot Weather outfits are variations on their Swimwear. Some of my more special outfits featured in my screenshots are included and denoted as "bonus".
    The skin texture overlay has no nipples built-in, but the cleavage overlays I'm using do. This may potentially cause problems with your preferred breast mesh, as the one I'm using has its own built-in nipples. If you use the wearable version of the Pure Shape meshes, you can easily use custom nipples, but that's not ideal I know.
    Finally, do not take my sims and re-upload them here or elsewhere, this should go without saying. If you feel the need to edit them significantly and re-upload using the texture included, I would at least like a credit, but do not put it on your Patreon if you have one.
    My Sims
    So here they are! I hope you enjoy. Visit the thread to see them all
    V V V Check the full list here. V V V
    Click the outfit preview links below to see what is included!
    *NEW*Lilith Whitmore

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    *NEW*Brooke Stapleton

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    *NEW*Tanya Knight

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    Hallie Castillo

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    Jasmine King

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    Yvette Campbell

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    Abigail Blackwood

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    Leela Jade

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    Genevieve Marie

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
     Rebecca Scanlon

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    Eva Perez

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    Eleanor Grey

    Outfit Previews
    CAS Previews
    Credits and Special Thanks
    Credit goes to wild_guy, sstormyy, Klaxon and Daniela(Nany) for the CC I've used. You do all the real work.
    Very special thanks to mrrakkonn and Banyan42 for helping me get this off the ground, I never would have got this going without their help.


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