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  1. Scientifically men have more muscle mass (which is why MTF Transgender people dominate in Female combat sports) along whith a huge amount psychologically, a lot inheritted from tribal times and are evolutionary as in order to progress to the point we are in, they had to be known from birth. Men are far more disposable than females as a result of this, its why combatants in war are pretty much always male throughout history, even when women are allowed in in equal perpencity, as at the end of the day, one man is all that is needed to continue the existence of a tribe, but having only one female
  2. I did but i just figured it out, i was tryna use the link and key as the mod rather than trying to download the mod itself, Im very new to this. Thank you anyway tho!
  3. Im having a problem, the mod refuses to activate. Is this due to the fact that i am using NMM?
  4. Im new to modding and dont know a whole lot. how would i enable animations for such mods as devious devices?
  5. Thank you, im new to modding and now, thanks to you, i know a lot more than i did from your prompt!
  6. Having a really weird issue where certain assests wont load whilst others do, its mainlt items that would go on the main body (Cuffs and chastity belts are invisible but latex suits and bondage mitts make the body model invisible as well as the item) Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  7. Im new to modding and some of the textures arent loading. I have installed all the required mods and everything but some of the textures just dont load.
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