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  1. started with sculpting ...textures will have different variations ,but i'am starting with a Muscled body first to serve as a Template to get the basic shape correct for other textures and for beast skins this is Supper Fun and Much easier then i thought
  2. ye ill have to make texture for feet hands and head for Human and both beast ..including tales ..the angled feet models will come from the outfits in question .as long as they set to vanilla seems it should be ok so that will depend on the author of the outfit as it should be ..they al supposed to be set to the vanilla seems
  3. UV wrapping complete .used Argonian textures because it uses the most space ....NOTE this does not mean CBBE textures will work .... not even close ..this project is indented not to use any CBBE assets what so ever ..so sry your favorite textures and will not work.. Some tattoos might ..its the only way i can get it on Skyrim SE or it will get UV wrap for some part of the Vag that will have its separate model for more detail and functions that the new body will have ..This might change after testing
  4. YES of course ..it will have all the Original Cosio sliders and some new one's ..just no Cbbe Slider .....some slider will still have the same functions like Breast size and so on but will be Cosio 100%
  5. dont do it that way better to load COSIO then add the outfit and conform it that way i made a Video about it its in the first page
  6. here is a comparison from Old Cbbe Cosio Virginia and the New Cosio Body With the New body it is much larger but this is also the Largest it will be with Slider at 100 ..including the Anus .i did this so you can have a Anime Style Vag if you like
  7. besides aroused and body ransomiser try disable the rest one by one see if that has an effect ..i can think what can cause your problem
  8. it is possible the male Npc has a low arousal level if you are using sexlab aroused .mark the npc and set his arousal to mac manually if you need to setup animation scene in sexlab so the SOS can line up with Cosio
  9. Progress on the new body .intended for Skyrim LE and SE ..if it works well might got to Fallout too..and maybe even Cyberpunk when able . This model has less polygone's then Cosiohd and maybe Cbbe yet has more detail ...Slider will be alot more simplistic but will have more interesting results..it will have no Cbbe Sliders at all so it can go to Skyrim SE and maybe even Nexus in fact it will not share any Cbbe related assets ...it will have a very similar size and shape to make conversion of outfits as easy as possible so the outfits don't have to be altered a lot .
  10. tummy slider in bodyside will do nothing but in game might but the animation and the size of the body like mods that change the length of the character will ..some mods can also set the skeleton out of place of the body
  11. the stings data will be over written by the CodioHD reference you can add it manually ..but i don't think you can run both HDT and SMP on the same outfit
  12. try unzipping the patch and zip it again and import the new zip
  13. i see all commends about Wet function going dormant permanently on the player no matter what gets ignored
  14. Wetfucntion stay dormant only on PC it works perfectly on all NPC . i reinstalled and cleared saves after a few time but the problem persist
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