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  1. the Problem Tutzier13 has Mo is not installing the XMl files in correct place or link to it . He is getting the WRONG XML .i don't blame him either ..CosioHD is Simple and EASy not special or complicated to do ..you CANNOT screw UP it has no Scripts so PLugin Load order will not do anything ..only mods required or the mod Installer can brake your game ..He has the correct mesh now but it still not using the correct XML hence no collision .MO makes it unnecessary compacted with using Virtual folders ...been Using NNM and not Vortex For yeAR nEVER let me down once .simple to use lets you know what's going on and complicated file structure
  2. i am pretty sure its MO screwing around ..why i don't use it
  3. ok so that XML is not CosioHD its set to have basic Physics but no collision ..so it was overwritten by something else .Recommend reinstalling CosioHD make sure it is set to After on Vortex .i also don't recognize the Textures
  4. ok send me a screen shot when naked in game i need to confirm something ...also send the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml in Data\SKSE\Plugins
  5. ye thats the plugin load order it will not effect Cosio as it has no esp but its help ful . ..the it might be that you Physics engine is broken .Make a new campaign but with all the plugins disable go up to where you get you binds cut and then save the game ...that Save is called a Clean Save ...then enable the plugins again and load teh clean save ..then load the Broken Save after that .Keep that Clean save incase Skyrim crashes when loading a Save .changing a mod that changes Mesh Textures and Animations can break a save . .also i see you use KS Hairdos - HDT did you get the KS Hairdos - HDT BBP FIX patch .......... ........ OH Remove HDT Havok Object ..you don't need it that might disable your collision too ....i see you have some SMP mods too like [COCO] 2B Wedding Outfit ..it can work but you need to use HDT on on the Body as normal and the rest can be SMP ..i have tested it does work but if any of them, use the Breast bones it will Kill collision ...i might have a SMP option in the future soon as i find a easy way to convert Current Cosio armor to it .the HDT log will not register that you switched to SMP outfit
  6. hmm the log don't show Anything wrong unless one of the XML are overwrite by another mod check if there is any conflicting mods with Cosio .what mod installer do you use ? also do you no collision at all even when naked ?
  7. ye nothing is running .it does see the hdtPhysicsExtensions dll but it is not running the xml at all .what mod installer do you use ? run game again and swap to the naked body and a outfit several times and send me the log again
  8. ok so you need to open CosioHD Project first then add the outfit project after not the other way around .Open a second outfit studio then data in the Save as over to the CosioHD one but with a new name i made a tutorial on this on the main page this method is very reliable never failed me yet there video should make more sense i Hope ..if you open teh project firs then it will use its own Root Node and not Cosio and will not Copy the Nifstrings ..you can add them manually later but why waist time there should be no Nifstring on teh footware . CBBE HDT body (outfit) without footwear = collision works .The cbbe outfit has a Nifstring to to trigger is own XML its has the same name as the one for CosioHD its like standard name we use ..But the Cbbe body uses an Older BBP setup and Cosio uses TBBP setup ..basically more bones in the breast .. ..including other bones like Thigh and collision on the arms Step 1 .open oufit Studio in body slide Load the project you want to convert . Step 2 .click on File then Save as Step 3 .Write down or copy the Output File name and Output Data path . Step 4 . Open a new outfit studio and load project CosioHD ..you can keep the other Outfit studio with the original project open to use as reference .You can no go to Save as enter a new name ..and press TO PROJECT Button ..this will create a new Folder and copy the mesh and slider date to that folder ..this is important or it will overwrite Cosiohd files .and then press save Step 5 .go to File Add Project and load the outfit you want to convert ..this will add the all the mesh from that project to Cosio HD .all slider should still function ass before expect if it added a mesh with the same names ....if it is an out fit with slot 32 it should also add the Base shape or Naked body from the original project ..you may delete it. Step 6 .in the Meshes Tab press and Hold CTRL +SHIFT + C this should now conform all sliders from the selected reference shape that is highlighted in Green.>If you select the the new mesh and go through each slider ,using the pencil icon next to the sliders ,you can see mesh will clip through and use the increase and decrease brush tools to . it is best to test it in game while editing by using Windows mode .and going to a the test room by using the concole code "COC QASMOKE" ..unequiping and equipping the out fit in game will replace it . Step 7 .CosioHD has Vastly different Weights then on the other Body replacers Even CBBE the Cosio was originally Based one. in The Meshes Tab go to each mesh of the out fit and right click on them them and select copy all Bones weights this will copy all the bone weights and bones to the outfit mesh selected ..you can copy a single bones by using COPY selected weights if needed ..if the outfit has weigh that CosioHD does not have like Skirt bones they will not be replaced and will remain intact .it is best not to change them ..you can select a single bone in the Bones Tab and you can do fine tuning in the Bones Tab you may need to add or remove weights .test in game . Step 8 .Holding Alt will remove weights .Holding Shift will try to smooth out the weight but trying to Balance the Values ."THIS IS VERY USE FULL FOR DETAIL WORK ..this applies to sliders as well. Step 9.If the outfit is not a Slot 32 it does not need the Base Shape or naked Body "AKA CosioBaseHipoly" then goto save as and untick "copy reference shape into output "..you need to do this or will double Baseshapes in the game ...Look in to the partitions Tab to see what slot it is . ..you can comeback to the outfit and Add project CosioHD to do updates or refinements . each outfit will are unique and will use different techniques to fit CosioHD and will require some time and Patience .it not hard to learn once you know the basics ...
  9. send me the hdtPhysicsExtensions.log in the Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins folder
  10. i have noticed CosioHD conversion for Remodeled CBBE armor has out dated and will caused warped mesh there is a fix made by Frosferes five the Guy a Like RefTemplates.xml
  11. ok i think i know what happened you said you converted your self but what's was you process ..did you load CosioHD and the Add the project and removed the baseshape body that came with the out fit or did you keep it and and copied weights and sliders from cosiohd to it ?..>Cosio body needs to replace the old baseshape..Cosio has 3 Nifstrings .they run the XML files ..if you just copied weights and slider data it will not add those ..then what will happen you will have collision and physics when naked but soon as you replace slot 32 outfit or torso outfit it will lose collision .Physics will still work because its still in memory .....there are two ways to fix this depending on what you did ... ..Unless there is a nifstring in the footware for some reason you need Nifscope to check
  12. the outfits it self might be a problem if they are not converted to CosioHD .the CosioHD body runs 3 strings for 1"Breast Butt and thigh physics" 2 "Vagina and Belly Physics" and 3 "Fingers for fingers arm and hand collision" all there own XML .other outfits that was not converted might have there own XML some use a HDT PE ring or something you need to equip to have collision and even then it will not be the same .you can change the string to run teh cosiohd string instead would be easier option then converting the armor .it is possible to run smp and Hdt pe at teh same time but only if the SMP does not add breast and Butt Physics and change teh HDTfingers XML .if the out triggers the smp string There is no String running on cosio Feat so i am stumped as you are maybe if you can give the link for one of those out fits i can have a look .. have tested being naked and only the foot ware for collision ?
  13. you cAN REMOVE NetImmerse Override v-3-4-4 if you got it separate it comes with RACEMENU anyway . Immersive Patrols II.esp can be taxing and slow down papyrus Grass On Steroids.esp to heavy for your Gpu or any Graphical mod to be honest .. you need at least 6 gb VRAM GPU to use any Graphical mods to have no CTD .that you biggest problem .Skyrim LE is 32 bit Game it can only use 1 gb of VRAM ..you can use ENB Boost to use Ram but since you system is Sharing 8 gb Ram for both System and Vram it not even close to being enough .i use all 6 gb VRAm and 80 % of 16 gb in my RIG and i get CTD on heavy weather fast travel out of WindHeilm
  14. thatsmy point yo don't got enough Vram to do it ..and it integrated aswell it simply will not do and a CPU bottle necking your HDT Physics
  15. sry bud you Rig will not cut it with those mods i barely get 60 Fps with 200 plus mods and ENB with a I5 GEN9 9400f and RTX 2060 6 gb Vram and 16 GB RAM
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