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  1. After started to mod my FO4 with NMM which i was using for skyrim all i can say is save your self and try Mod Organizer 2.You will save huge amounts of time than trying to reinstall a huge list of mods trying to figure out whats working and whats not.Vortex is a pain also tbh with the overwrite rules. Well at least give us mod load order to check
  2. There is a mod is steam called Job Offers that you can recruit Nuru with it.Apart from that Nuru's sprites either recruited with said mod or spawned via the tentacle plant arent working with sexbound either way if i can recall transforming her to a human or a different floran so that mod seems pointless.
  3. In the sexbound folder in your mods you go to scripts\sexbound\plugins\pregnant and in the pregnant.config file change the enablePregnancyFetish from false to true
  4. Indeed once they return to the pod or captured after the impregnation pregnancy is lost. I remember i checked the pods though starcheat item editor a couple months back to confirm it
  5. For me CTD started also recently although i had 30 hours with the mod on save without issues.But the moment i started to customize my settlement i had constant CTD until i disabled the mod.I did add a mod also before starting to customize the settlement and it was the CWSS Redux but its not the culprit propably because the problem persists even after unintalling it.
  6. Ok after digging though posts over the fallout 4 here in LL trying to mod my fall out 4 for the first time some questions.Regarding Leitos animations not playing or being very slow to load.The Remove Tags option from this patch have anything to do with this problem cause i think not selecting that option fixed it for me(I am loading all the new animations after the One patch and before this with MO2 ).Also noticed repeated usage of only a facial expression after this patch.Is this normal? I will post my load order when i m back at home.
  7. Only use this with BTF Terraphilia x SXB Defeat Support and not with BTF Sexbound Terraphilia mod.Otherwise use aphrodites bow to force the Sexbound API.So you will need BTF Terraphilia x SXB Defeat Support and Blake's Terramons together with sexbound defeat and teratophilia in order to work.
  8. Just add the extension .pak to the file and its good to go
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