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  1. Yeah, that's right. Thanks. Then another question arose: In general, through simple slavery I get into the captured dreams mod, I appear in the mine, after the master's introductory speech, I need to pick ore, and so I walked around the whole mine, and there is no place to activate ore mining anywhere. Is this a bug? Or should you only go to the cursed loot mod through a messenger? And then I saw somewhere on the forums that there is a certain sequence there. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Hello. Help me please. In general, I installed a few mods, now in the game, when talking with a male NPC, literally every other time, the dialogue begins with the words "Come, woman", then orders him to serve, and I have three options for an answer, 1 "as a woman of Skyrim I have to obey men" (something like that) 2 "fuck off" (rejection) 3 "I love when there are male dicks in me" (something like that) and 99% of the dialogue ends with sex - this is very infuriating, since such a dialogue happens almost after every second call to male NPCs. It's impossible to play like that. Can you tell me which mod can trigger this dialogue? And how to remove this dialogue? Installed mods supporting simple slavery. Such as SD+, Submissive Lola, QAYL, Captured Dreams, etc. Help me please. Sorry for the translation.
  3. But the animation is over. And Elvira returned to her seat. It looks like the game thinks that the animation is still going on. It is necessary to try after this problem animation will have sex, or masturbation. Maybe this will kill the problematic animation. Ok, thanks for the answers. And yes, I play oldrim))
  4. I mean, I can't load the save while playing. I press escape, I press the button "load game", but it is gray and not clickable. This is what I mean. I flipped through this topic and the person had the same question but there was no answer to him that could solve the problem.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, did anyone manage to fix the problem with the punishment from Elvira by the fireplace ??? After this scene, the "download" function breaks. This menu becomes grayed out and not clickable. How to fix it?
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