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  1. it can be ignored? ========== Def-injected translations load errors (7) ========== Found no Verse.ThingDef named Kurin_Belt_Scarf to match Kurin_Belt_Scarf.description (Apparel_Belt.xml) Found no Verse.ThingDef named Kurin_OnSkin_Pajamas to match Kurin_OnSkin_Pajamas.description (Apparel_OnSkin.xml) Found no Verse.ThingDef named Kurin_Underwear_Slim to match Kurin_Underwear_Slim.description (Apparel_Underwear.xml) Found no Verse.ThingDef named Kurin_Underwear_White to match Kurin_Underwear_White.description (Apparel_Underwear.xml) Found no Verse.ThingDef named Kurin_Underwear_Bl
  2. No hediff graphics found at Genitals/balls_micro for hediff Penis in Human Verse.Log:Warning(String, Boolean) AlienRace.<>c__DisplayClass29_0:<GenerateMeshsAndMeshPools>b__1(BodyAddon) HarmonyLib.CollectionExtensions:Do(IEnumerable`1, Action`1) AlienRace.AlienPartGenerator:GenerateMeshsAndMeshPools() AlienRace.HarmonyPatches:.cctor() System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers:RunClassConstructor(IntPtr) System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers:RunClassConstructor(RuntimeTypeHandle) StartupImpact.Patch.StaticConstructorOnStartupUtilityCallAll:Prefix() Ver
  3. uh do you have patch for mse2? it probally can be ignored. [MSE2] Some prostheses that have not been patched were detected in mods: RimJobWorld. They will default to vanilla behaviour. <PegArm> from "RimJobWorld": humerus, radius, hand, finger .. ah actually nevermind already removed. mse2 messed with epoe forked
  4. mind linking the recolour laptop.. i cant seem to find since it all linked to the animation site.
  5. vampire lord female will go invisible only clothing show if i enable body on psq.
  6. i found out psq use the last.slot for body paint. hand n feet paint probaly same. happen to me when i use succubus heart with psq .it made all hp sta mag reduced till anything that damage kill me one hit.
  7. ohh.. u probaly should use the 3.2.8a ver for this transform fomod work. basic transform wont give u animated wing unless u edit the wing file n path if u gonna stick with the older ver.
  8. managed to change the skin n armor set but seem the cuirass feet very long
  9. your psq seem different. using se? or old ver. at tranfromation option should have wing choice pick.
  10. getting race subrecord error on tesedit for both vampire and werewolf
  11. when i use succubus calm(psq) or hypnotize(dd) it always call 3 animation feeding option.. is there way to change that?
  12. if anyone want. cbbe only. this just manual edit. but it should work since it showed properly and applied at right folder. And seem this anim pack mesed pc beheading on intro. BreastRopeExtreme02.osp
  13. psq pc aroused barely raise uh the patches do i need the patched 7 only or line em all up seem only patch 4 and 7 . rest is redundant
  14. uh does anyone have updated version behavior file for real flying.
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