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  1. i have to dig a bit deeper on the bakafactory SLA regarding how his mods pull the keywords from his SLA version. Bakafactory has a list (with lovely illustrations 😋) of different keywords available on his Patreon (which is available to public) like SLS_Armorcurtain, etc. But I dare to bet that it is hooked the sameway as the ”eroticarmor” keyword or nakedarmor keyword. But i’m unsure how the keyword is pulled with his dialog quest mod that relies heavily on the bakafactory sla keywords
  2. I wonder if this would be an interesting idea to add comments based on the pc clothing with the keywords feom bakafactory aroused edition? ex for sla_armorcurtain a comment as: ”You like to move around dont you?” , ”Keep moving, we need to see what is under there”,etc?
  3. Thanks! That was/is the plan indeed to make a bodyslide out of it then. I was suspicious on this as well, i tried to TFC in the body to see if it was ingame but i couldn’t find it either so. I guess I’ll try it straight in the outfitstudio then. I also figured out that BHUNP was using slot 50 for the SMP activation. I changed that as well, could this eventually also have an effect if something is in the way on that slot? Because the piercing is definitely ”equiped”
  4. Isn't the genital piercing missing? It seems that the item exists in game, but no mesh or texture shows up. There aren't any bodyslide files to work with either. EDIT: Seems like something did not work out somewhere, The file has the piercingVsoul mesh but it doesnt show in game. Nipples seems to work There is no device hider active either Could the reason by because i'm using BHUNP?
  5. The first greeting to check on the documents by the npc is displayed, then I click to get the pc option, if comes up for a milisecond them vanishes and restart again the convo with the same greeting, this 4 times in a row. Then i always get the ”all good” at the end. i restarted a game again to check out if this is happening here as well. I will get back to you
  6. Yea, i also activated debug to see extra notification. I do have discovered that removing the mod and addind it again causes additional issues. The toll speaks to the pc 4 times in a row now. And i performed 4 removals and installs and using a cleaner. I wonder if there is a potential issue that another mod retain info of survival somewhere? I know that bakafactory has one of his mods that has a connection to survival. I’ll keep checking on it. maybe the settings or the json files are the issues?
  7. Hmm, I'm still getting issues to get the cover animation to work with a new save using the wheel. I have zaz, DCL and even Selfcover animations and loaded via FNIS. zaz and DCL are active though. Yet it is not initiating. Nor do I have the "half-naked" on. I'm a bit clueless, since the animation is clearly there and she covers up using the automated one from DCL. but switching this off and trying the wheel does nothing. Any idea?
  8. Hehe, nah was just checking if There was another immersive way to get the PC having some devices, without it being triggered by the current mods already available such as cursed loot. (That mod has already been disected in every possible way) 😛
  9. I saw that you are not using the sla_plugin.dll in the SKSE folder, or rather did not include this in your files. Does this mean it is not used anymore? Do we still need it there? And it overwrites the sslframework, should this be again overwritten by SLSO?
  10. Looking at your screenshots, I see that the PC has arms and leg devices outside the areas it triggers (Fashion and Pony in their respective city). Is there a trigger that makes them keep the restrains outside the city? Or it is just by choice? Couldn’t find any event that makes her keep the restrains while walking the wilds.
  11. I'll add spoiler tags to avoid to spoil one of the "Daydream" features
  12. Will try to dig deeper and see if I can find the conflict. All their response was that ”Do I look like I have clothes...” sarcastic negative comment.
  13. I'm getting the Sexlab Aroused Error: Downgrade after installing the newer version of SLSO. I wonder if I missed a certain step? Interestingly is that the character gets aroused from for example piercing vibrations. And Slaps reduce and/or increases it. The character has a hard time to to get Aroused during the sex though. Or should I add the Tenri patch? Because it never showed before until now, and reverting the scripts ends up without any issue but then I don't run the proper version for SL Survival Beta.
  14. There might be a little conflict with 2 parts of the mod: daydream and request for clothes. When interacting with the NPC and the daydream effect is effective on the NPC. Then you request for clothes you get the response of being unable. if there is no daydream it doesn’t seem to occurre (on the same NPC)
  15. I got to say, the daydream is really fun! Not sure how far it goes but the interaction with npc is quite fun! Hopefully it will develop in some more!
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