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  1. Ah, rip. I hope she's having fun with her new project at least. Do you have a link for the submissions of anyone else's KW? And thanks for responding.
  2. Why do my female followers not get raped by creatures when using this mod? Is there a way to get them to be beastess'?
  3. Wrong? Did you even read the message you quoted? Jmathers used assets and content from the original mod as well as the name of the original mod, implying that they are forbidding others from modifying it without sky_md's permission to do so when J definitely should consult sky before doing something like that especially since it is sky-md's assets, content, and mod name regardless of whether it's a complete overhaul or not.
  4. I don't know much about modding but it seems to me that Jmathers forbade others from remaking the mod without the original author's permission, when they explicitly stated that others were free to do what they wanted with their code. Something seems sketchy there.
  5. Is there a mod that allows multiple romantic relationships without your sims getting the cheater reputation? Is that even possible? Please send a link to any mod pages you know of that includes these features instead of commenting what to research. What research i have done has only lead me to suspicious pages. I found this and looking for the first comment's suggestion lead to a video with a facebook page which seems pretty creepy. Thank you
  6. Thank you so much. I was stressing myself out trying to find the selfies settings. I guess University will be the next pack i buy.
  7. I've looked through phone/computer and i haven't been able to find an option to take selfies. The only camera i've seen is the underwater camera in Island Living. Is there a DLC you need for the selfies? I have Island Paradise, Supernatural, Pets, and Showtime if that helps. What is the path to the settings for the KW Selfies? Whenever a dog is made (not autonomously) to rape a sim or mount them on all fours, it doesn't register as the sim being raped. It just shows the interaction name if they (the sim) was masterbating, or "Have Fun" if they're (the sim) getting raped
  8. Some questions -How do you make a sim take selfies? I've searched through all the prompts and i can't seem to find an option to take any -Why doesn't dogs raping sims count as rape in their "rapist favorite victim" statistic? That's all i have, thanks for any assistance
  9. Hey, OP. Could you add some information as to what content your mod adds to the game? What cars are in it and is there anything else? Thanks
  10. You could maybe not complain about people's signatures. I wonder who's ranting here? It doesn't seem to be me at all.
  11. If you're referring to my signature, i still have no idea what you're talking about. That's a meme. You were rickrolled.
  12. 1.I don't know what version i was using, which is why i'm downloading the one on the original post now. 2.I just asked a question, calm down. Where did i rant? 3.Thanks
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