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  1. Can we expect some new restrictive devices in the next few updates? The prisoner suit is indeed the most restrictive device in DD so far but straitjacket itself is probably not the most appropriate restrictive device for a "serious criminal".
  2. Thanks for listing those outcomes! Actually, I just want to know is there an outcome which will make my character end up in a rubber fking machine just like that facality employee being punished.
  3. Love this mod so far! Does the employee in the living room the only person who are using a f**king machine? Are there any outcomes may make dragonborn end up in a machine?
  4. Thanks for your great work! It's well worthy to wait for upcoming unforgiving devices. One of the most important reasons I love those devices mods is their descriptions. It leaves people who play those mods much imagination space and fulfills their fantasy of BDSM. I will very appreciate if we can see more interesting devices descriptions in the future.
  5. Are there any bugs in Leon's quest? I was locked in a room and been told to put on party gear but there was actually nothing in the chest front of me.
  6. Thanks a lot! One of the Chloe quests tell me to find some stuff in a boss chest. Is there a particular dungeon or cave I should pay a visit?
  7. I saw that MCM option and changed it to only disable fast travel when equiping bondage items. I was still not able to use fast travel even I had no bondage items equipped at all when I was on my way to do the next few Chloe quests. Perhaps @Kimy can help us explain that.
  8. I have already completed several quests of Chloe but I'm still not able to use fast travel. Her quests are active all the time and now I'm on the fifth one. I'm still not sure whether all the quests of Chloe will disable fast travel.
  9. I was just walking along a main road of Skyrim with Chloe following me after rescuing her from Helgen. We both had no bondage items equipped at all. I think Chloe's quest(maybe this whole series of quests) is a specific one as you said but I'm not sure about that.
  10. By the way, Chloe's quest seems to disable fast travel all the time or is there anything wrong with this mod?
  11. Do I need to choose the original start of the game?
  12. Where can I find Chloe and start the series of her quests? The changelog says that the LAL plugin quest Delivery Refused will start her quests but I can't find it in my LAL list as well.
  13. Excellent mod! Can I play this mod with latest Devious Devices 5.0?
  14. I have the same problem. I've started a new game and there is no mcm for DCL.
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