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  1. Yup that's fixed it. Bleedout after every assault
  2. ok i didnt target myself, targeting myself and it works fine. Targeting npcs also works fine. Just something blocking it from happening after being assaulted
  3. Nothing happens when I type that in
  4. Ah, did you see my edit? I went back and tested with 3.0 and it was at least playing the bleedout animations
  5. Got no idea what i've done on my test profile but I literally only have sexlab and Yamete (and their dependencies) running now and I cannot get bleedout animations to play anymore, even the vanilla one. Yamete 3.1 rolling back to v3 i can get them to trigger and they also immediately resume attacking if i pause Yamete, in 3.1 they remain passive for the full duration of the bleedout timer. V3 still has the bug where after being in bleedout once, you have to press f to swap FOV until you are able to enter bleedout pose again, it does not seem to be tied to 360 movement b
  6. if your penis sounds like this you need to see a doctor
  7. I see the MCM filters are now showing for 3p+ tags, is this implemented yet?
  8. i am using BleedoutInstant with a duration of 0.
  9. This is the behaviour i see as well and that's only with 360 movement enabled. You exit scene but no bleedout animation and walk around with enemies being friendly until bleedout timer is done
  10. Hmm I don't know why but I'm pretty sure it's this mod: 360 movement behaviour. The mod comes with script source, maybe can make sense of it? Seems to fix itself if i swap my fov using the F key after the scene and i get into another. Without switching my fov and if I get into another scene the bleedout animation will not play. Really odd interaction lol but I'm assuming it's to do with this part of the script: Event OnControlDown(string control) If control == "Toggle POV" && !Utility.IsInMenuMode() float counter = 0 While (counter &l
  11. Hmm, do u have sexlab utility plus by any chance?
  12. This question is specific to my load order since my test profile seems to work fine, however on the main profile it appears I do not go into bleedout after a scene. Wondering if you could give me a high level explanation of how the code works there so I can narrow down my search on what mod is conflicting with Yamete to produce this.
  13. I keep get a notification popup now and again that says: Arena: Setstage 999 I'm assuming this isn't intended 😛
  14. Ok i found a 100% repeatable way to cause aggression when you're in a scene. Pressing the toggle freecam hotkey in SL instantly makes enemies aggressive again. Using the "automatic free camera" option also does this Checked with V1: using the toggle freecam hotkey does not cause spectators to be aggressive or using the automatic freecam
  15. Hmm i think i was wrong. Though I disabled the only other cloak effect I know of........xp32 style cloak. Seems to be the one.
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