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  1. as seen by the title, i'm looking for some salt and pepper/greying (not completely grey yet) hairs for my older, but not elder yet sims. my sugar daddy sims need a little love, too! anyway, i'd really prefer the cc to be alpha instead of maxis match. does anyone know of any cc hairs (i'm mostly looking for males, but female hair would also be accepted) that are salt and pepper/greying? i'd really appreciate being pointed towards them, thanks in advance ❤️
  2. i wonder if this could also be true for mods? since playing ts4, i've missed oniki kay's mods so much..
  3. where can i find the lingerie on your cow sim? he's so cute ❤️

    1. Goat Designs

      Goat Designs

      DaddysPrince Male Corset
      Madlen Subota Boots (to work with males with female frame, allow it to show up for males using sims 4 studio)
      Suzue lace gloves (to work with males with female frame, allow it to show up for males using sims 4 studio)
      And the underwear is the EA underwear.

    2. boyguts


      thank you!! ^^

  4. I'm looking for a small variety of things: a necrophilia mod. i.e, your sim will be able to copulate with the freshly dead wicked whims style. necrodog is working on a mod much like this, but it's more maxis woohoo style because a blanket covers the sims. would be open to their corpses either being reanimated for the interactions, or for them to just lie still and keep being dead while it happens. this flows to my next thing: zombie sex mod. a human (or another zombie) sim will be able to have sex with a zombie preferably wicked whims style. lastly, I'm jus
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