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  1. If anyone knows a solution to this I know I fixed it at one point a long time ago but cant for the life of me remember how, on PC downed (both from defeat's knockdown as well as death alternative integration) enemies continue attacking, tried reinstalling defeat, death alternative, and sexlab as well as messing with defeat's load order position everything works perfectly aside from the apparent trigger for enemies to stop attacking, any ideas?
  2. Just notifying people that if it's crashing just as an animation is starting it could be equipment, don't know if it's from a mod or from the update but the owl helmet does this, this can be worked around by having an invisible equipment in the cosmetic slot (or another one that works I guess) or stripping entirely and reequipping.
  3. ah the ol multi-drive install shenanigans, steam shouldn't be installed on both drives (unless he's got a very good reason) however if the C drive is an ssd it's likely he's got the steam install on there but directing the games to the D drive which is likely a harddrive with far more space, least that's my setup. ssd=super fast speed but not much space (unless ya got the munz) if you have one your operating system is on it harddrive=loads things slower but has oodles of space, which is where most things should be installed, anyway, have fun.
  4. Make sure you have the RJW folder in the actual rimworld/mods folder and not rimworld/mods/rjw then rjw_1.9.9h aka it should be Rimworld/mods/rjw_1.9.9h and in there should be folders like about, assemblies, defs etc. if it's not on the ingame list it's not detecting it properly. Edit if you like pretty pictures more: https://i.imgur.com/R2UINPF.png https://i.imgur.com/VUaPrbD.png https://i.imgur.com/UwFUpPn.png also as a side note the multiplayer mod on github for some reason speeds up loading times when you eventually get to the 2+ minute load times. also edit: replace the version number with 2.0.1 heh I didn't realize update was out.
  5. may I ask what mod? I think I have every conceivable slal pack installed for creatures, and I've got no issues. Edit: just realized this is in the special edition forum, so it could also be likely the pack is oldrim only or mnc and that slal work differently with special vs old editions, glad to have helped though
  6. rerun fnis (and check that other anims actually run with matchmaker), and if youre using MO make sure you actually make the loose files into a mod after generating, if its just skeevers start disabling some or all mods related to them until they stop tposing then reenable till you find it.
  7. alright welp opening this again cuz bout 4 hours into fresh game and same thing popped up so it doesn't appear to be the save file, any other ideas? Edit: restored from MO backup.... from 6 months ago, I dun goofed
  8. @grey cloud yea I only want enboost enabled and before this that setting was set to false, I set it to true, dunno why it was false in the first place. @both yea searching MO instead of the skyrim directory I do indeed have it installed but as Genio pointed out it seems to be virtually installed, and I have no idea where that is, unless needed I'm not gonna go digging for it. @Genio maestro actually I think uninstalling darkend (previous playthrough) may have done it, odd since I've uninstalled things mid playthrough (I know ill advised to begin with) before and never had this happen, but lesson learned, F for the save file regardless thank you three for your time I may mostly lurk but damn I love this community.
  9. There are no files in my entire directory that have that name(or any variation of searches like Crashfix Crash fix, etc.), so I guess it's not installed, and I just mean I turned on speedhackwithoutgraphics in the enblocal ini as I dont use an enb so if I'm remembering right that should have been set to true
  10. @Genio Maestro cleaning the save was the first thing I did, I'll load my backup save as well as try a fresh new game and see if I can enter it @Grey cloud I'm actually not seeing that ini at all, and actually I had the flag set on false, set it to true dunno if that makes much difference still getting the error though @Ritual Clarity Thank you kindly, attached below Loadorder.txt edit: even just my basic backup save seems to be free of this error(entered, ran through, ran back, exited, entered again), so I'd assume it's some kind of save corruption then, would it be possible to recover my save or is it fucked completely? since this happened with moss mother too once would I be able to simply avoid sunderstone or is everything going to start corrupting? any way to avoid this in the future?
  11. is there a place where the modlist is stored in txt form? or need I type it out(mod organizer)? I have USLEP, and I had smim until this error happened which I then reinstalled it, errored again, uninstalled it. I have not got the plugin preloader, should I? not sure what osallocators are but I assume its an ini option, quick searching my ini file didnt pop up with anything so where would it be or which ini file and line should I add that under? I should have enboost running. edit: as a note it seems to be happening toward the middle-end of my load time, not instantly if that helps, currently just testing it with sunderstone gorge, which I cannot enter without getting this every time so far (was in there before though) got the same error while exiting moss mother cavern but was able to just load back into a previous save and exit normally that time. edit again: unsurprisingly reinstalling and recleaning the masterfiles also did nothing, but I am noticing that it's constantly saying there's an error with cobwebs, any idea what mod modifies that nif?
  12. I have never seen this error before and it is now happening on alot of load areas (caves mostly far as I've tested) even on areas I've been to previously, it's always different files specified on this box, is there a generic fix or is this a very specific variant of error (running nearly 200 mods) and will I potentially need to reinstall?
  13. please explain in more detail, I installed both body types via fomm (LL version) and looking into their base zip folders they have meshes and textures in them, and what exactly is archive invalidation, it sounds familiar but I don't know what that is per say. EDIT: correction, thanks to you and half a second of googling youtube has shown me the way once again, archive invalidation completely solved it, thank you kindly, now to go search for mods that make running not look jank af.
  14. so I finally got around to actually coming back to FONV and actually modding it for the first time, everything seems to be working fairly fine except for the weird clay abominations that are the bodies, far as I know I installed Roberts for males and type N for females, but both look like they're trying to use some weird combination of default/replacers or another mod installed bodies as well which I was unaware of, screencaps attached, can provide mod list if the problem isn't a common fix.
  15. figured I may as well post a standalone request, I'd like one or two custom races integrated into the sexbound api, along with genitalia added, msg if interested, will discuss price and details.
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