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  1. Why do NPCs sometimes enter milkpumps and get milked? I had a male orc master who was so bored with me that he used the milkpump in his stronghold. Imagine my shame. Not to mention how much it ruined the immersion. Does this happen with bound pumps? Either way, there should be an option to prevent NPCs from using milkpumps for people who only need it for the player character.
  2. Okay, I totally misinterpreted/misread that part. I thought he wanted to make it more realistic by only allowing fashion rape in group scenes, as in scenes with more than 2 actors, because it says "They hold you down while doing X". Everything works like it should then. I haven't gone solo in a long time really so haven't noticed anyting with it. I try to avoid it, since there are more interesting ways to spend your arousal.
  3. I'm just curious about something. Do you think this is a sex dating site?
  4. Fashion rape still happens after scenes with only one actor, and by that I mean no other actors waiting for their turn. I updated on an existing save though. If an update/feature requires a new game please make that clear in the update log, so we don't have to think it's a bug, like I'm thinking right now. Does it work for anyone else on a game in progress?
  5. What do you mean by "Update SLSO open mouth scripts and STA"? There has been no update to those mods since the previous version of SLS.
  6. The names annoyed me so much that I went through them all and corrected them to Skyrim original standards. There are no numbers in names at all, and where it was "CaveTroll" it's now "Cave Troll". Uploaded the file for anyone who's interested. DemonicCreatures_ImmersiveNames.rar @Thor2000 Use this file as a base for adding new content and we don't have to rename them again.
  7. I know it's beta, but please refrain from using names like "GreenGoblin Melee01" for the creatures. It's very unimmersive and unprofessional when it looks like the id of the creature. Just call it Goblin Warrior(the name doesn't need to be unique and give away too much) and let the visuals speak for themselves. The player character doesn't know more about an enemy than what she can see. Compare to vanilla creature names for hints. I say it like this because it's an unwritten rule of game design, and modding is no different. But the green goblin's model is so poor quality that it's
  8. Okay, I don't really understand much of that incoherent text. Would be easier for the reader if you used full sentences and full stops, like I'm doing now. But anyway, first screenshot looks very goofy. I don't even use animations like that so I can't tell if it looks right. In the second screenshot you don't see the whole creature, but the alignment with the character looks alright. I will test the mod and see what it's like.
  9. No it's not how the game engine works. I added CCAS and Immerslave to an existing save in the LAL dungeon and I can pick their starting options, so this is something unique for Egg Factory.
  10. Your request makes sense but aren't you taking a very long time doing the quest then? I can recommend decreasing the timescale(with a mod or console command) to 6. It's the lowest "safe" timescale you can have. Or just de-activate your needs mod while doing the quest. For the console to command it's "set timescale to X" and it's 30 by default which is ridiculously fast. A day can practically tick by in less than 1 hour played.
  11. Looks interesting. Have you tested animations with them and confirmed that they look good? I added some modded creatures based on vanilla races myself once, but all of their body parts weren't animated. In same cases they just stood still during the animation. Also, why don't you add the changes in the patches to the main mod instead?
  12. Yes, I play DCL and for me equip was not that slow. But straightjackets not blocking animations is a big improvement I forgot to mention. It's the main reason I didn't go back to v 4.3.
  13. I read the update post and I don't see what all the fuzz is about. Minor performance improvement was the only thing that was of note, but I didn't have any problems with performance in DD 4.3. I don't see any improvement to actual gameplay and I don't agree with the crying about the filter option causing problems. It was good as it was. It's an option that you toggle by choice and it's enabled by default. Kimy was just thinking about herself when removing it. I vote for bringing it back in and support the fans of DD instead of the casuals who don't know what they are doing.
  14. When you get the breast yoke as punishment, the guard says "I'm going to lock you up like the sex toy you obviously want to be". That's fine, but there are no animations for it, so how does it make you a sex toy? Another example of when dialogue and events don't make sense. If it's just meant to be a nude stroll in the park it's neither fun nor immersive. If you're naked and locked up someone is "bound" to take advantage of the situation.
  15. Is it possible to remove some of the animations in DD that are available in bound scenes? SH's and ZAZ animations are really lame and poor quality and it's not fun when you get them, so I tried to delete them from the txt file but the mod picks them anyway. How about adding an install option where you can choose which author's packs you want to install? That should be useful to everyone. You don't want to increase your animation count with uninteresting animations. If only we could switch animations during bound scenes. You can't even switch animation with SexLab Tools. A patch for
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