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  1. You're assuming too many things. I arrived gagged and naked in Riverwood in the middle of the night, and the the store was an easy help that I didn't really want. I know I can just ignore it, but knowing that it's open kinda ruins the immersion a bit. I just locked it with the console for now. Also, I'm totally uninterested in romancing bethesda written NPCs with my female character. I might do it if I played a male character but then it would feel like flirting with a robot. They just don't have anything interesting to say and feel worn out before I even started playing. I think t
  2. But I'm using BHUNP and there is no such option for it.
  3. I can't read the language on that site, but I assume the hair mods listed are required for the textures. Then you also need https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30872 and XPMSE skeleton.
  4. Would it be possible to delete that mechanic in the CK or xEdit? I want it to close like any store and I don't want to pick up the quest right now.
  5. If you want long hair like that with SMP and collision try Tullius Wigs. Remember to equip the collision ring. I think there are a few long hairstyles in Yundao hair too. Google it.
  6. I was surprised to arrive in Riverwood in the middle of night to find that the trader was open and taking business as usual. I can't find which of my mods is responsible for it though. Any ideas? Modlist:
  7. Those aren't high heels. They are clown shoes or shoes for dwarves who want to feel what it's like being tall.
  8. I can agree with you that they should pay for it themselves, but think about a religious country like Brazil where unwanted children end up living on the street just because abortion isn't allowed.
  9. Yeah, that would indeed by too forgiving. I don't think mass murderers and people who recommit serious crimes deserves a chance. That's where I am pro death penalty. Society shouldn't have to pay for those people.
  10. Fair skin has a very shiny normal map that gives the character a young doll-like appearance but Bijin has a lot of detail with wrinkles, moles and pores if you look close enough and have the right ENB as was mentioned before. I use Silent Horizons with slightly reduced lighting strength and then you can see detail just fine. It's also a good idea to have facelight because the lighting of the face in Skyrim is really poor and can make any character look dull. I think people like featureless textures because it's hard to make a quality texture with a lot of features that makes the ch
  11. It's not hypocrisy, because a fetus isn't aware of its existence but a criminal might be falsely convicted or forced to take action. Supporting the death penalty is very typical for priviledged people who grew up in a rich family and never had to fight to survive. They think people end up as criminals as a form of choice and deserve to die for deciding to kill someone, but that's a strong generalization. They could be falsely accused or the victim of extortion. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. When it comes to abortion it's about respecting the wishes of the mother. She c
  12. I might as well use option 1 because I reload when I get a bondage dress, but it depends on how difficult option 2 is. Can I change the priority in xEdit?
  13. That might be the case but the straightjacket I had doesn't even have slot 38 so I don't see how there could be any conflicts for that combination. If an armor doesn't cover a certain bodypart, it shouldn't occupy a slot for it. That's a typical example of bad slot assignment. The dresses probably need to cover slot 38 to avoid clipping, but that's it.
  14. Where it "should be" depends on your path settings in MO2. Try scrolling down to the bottom in the left column of MO2, doubleclick overwrite and then open Skyproc Patchers\Requiem\Files. That's where I found the blocklist but if it's not there then your method works.
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