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  1. Is there an open shower (no cabin) in sims 4? or that is a cc object made by you exclusively for the animation? PD: Great job, as always hahaha
  2. Im not sure if someone has given this idea already but I want to give it anyway hahaha A animation searcher. Sometimes I would like to find all the cowgirl or dogstyle (or whatever) animations among the hundreds of animations that I have in my mod pack. And even more so now that there is "Sex Positioning". I think it would be a way to find what you are looking saving a lot of time.
  3. Idk if in some animation pack exists something similar to this or not, but i would like to give the ideas hahaha
  4. Why is he have the pants on with the cock out? How can i do it? That car is an CC or is from base game? Thanks!
  5. How it works the Donut pool float? I put it on the floor and i cant pick any animation for that. Can u help me? Thanks
  6. Hello! How can change the size of a penis in game? I tried, but always I have the normal penis, If I put a huge penis, then when I wear a pants, the huge penis effect disappears, and when i go for sex or something i have the normal penis. Can you help me? Thanks a lot ❤️
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