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  1. Is it me or is the extension of 1.0.2 supposed to be ".7z" rather than ".2z"?
  2. "Fixed an incompatibility bug with Tentacled Dreams that caused TD to function properly." As a TD fan this caused maximum kek, well played!
  3. To clarify; You manage to download the ~21MB Xenophilia.rar file? When you open it with an archive manager such as 7Zip (Like WinZip and WinRAR but far better) you should see "-!Xenophilia!-" directory and "-!Xenophilia!-.mod". Copy those to the Stellaris mod directory as per usual.
  4. Harking back to an earlier comment. The LV milk farms seem to be working for me in terms of jobs (unless I'm misunderstanding it). But it is with great reluctance I must admit that in the my playthrough with LV 0.4.1 I'm finding that the milk buildings are creating volatile motes instead of consuming them as upkeep. Not that I mind, but I feel this is unbalanced as proven by me abusing said building
  5. Lithia, are you using a github? Thinking we could help add content for themes you're less interested in but could be part of LV
  6. I am hecking impressed with this mod. It's all you could have asked for. I just dipped my toe in to have a look and I must say that my body is ready for more. Are you in the content generation phase or are you interested in tweaking? Because if I were you I'd finish the bare bones of the content and then tweak the balancing on over time, especially since Paradox are going to be tweaking the balancing of the whole game over time anyway Either way... so damn impressed
  7. "How hard can it be" says guy who's only done config, not content, mods in his life as they foolishly try and step in to refactor TGIADP for 2.2... Initially I'll refactor to make all the content work, skipping over bits that didn't carry over from 1.8 to 2.2 such as tiles. But if I can create a custom strategic resource that can be spawned on a planet to replace the pet, that can be tied to a bunch of things including a tile blocker that needs a tech from the Beast to allow you to build a building
  8. Is there a list of lines or voice files? Could put together a script
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