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  1. I've searched through most of the forums and couldn't find what I was searching for so I'm asking you wonderful people this question, Is there a synth penis mesh or texture out there that I've missed? Also is there feral ghoul animations? Couldn't find any info on them either. Thx so much for any answers.
  2. Great Mod! Really enjoying it but I have a quick question that I couldn't find answered elsewhere. Is there a setting for having NPC's to have sex with other NPC's just at random or autonomous? Without having to direct them to do it I mean. Thx for any answer.
  3. Hello, I usually find answers to my questions through other posts here but couldn't find any discussions about this, I was building a lot and noticed tags on the gloryholes for servicing strangers and to use it for $10. I was wondering what to requirements to get those started is. I've put them on various venues, tried with whoring on and off and I can't get anybody to come to my character when I click on them. Just curious if anyone can tell me if I need something special for these to activate. Thanks for any reply.
  4. I have a question, I do not have a "NV Raven" folder in my New Vegas files so I can't get the two things needed for this to work. I do use brutalrapers in my FNV game and can't find those meshes anywhere. Is there somewhere I'm not looking or is that something you have to have computer and geck knowledge to get? All the other esp's are working fine. Thx.
  5. It's like when a woman uses a strap-on on a guy so she's basically in the male position and he's in the female one. So it still recognizes the guy as a man even though he's in the female position, so he will finish before the woman and then her bar goes to 0 because it assumes it is over but because the woman is in the male role, her bar stays at 0 and doesn't move and never gets to that last animation stage and the animation never stops. I hope that explains it better. I know there's some settings that I can change to make sure the female never assumes the male role that would prob. fix this but I was just wondering if I would be able to use it as I have it. I have it set on random so I don't know what role the woman will take with my character. Thx
  6. I've also noticed that like animals, when a female is in the "male position" in a sex act with a male in the "female position" it also will never end. The male's bar finishes first but then the female's bar is reset at 0 and never raises so can't get to finishing stage. Not sure if this has happened with others but thought I'd just let you know. Otherwise, it's all working great.
  7. Fantastic review! Everything that he talked about in his article is what I noticed in my beta wknd play times and the reasons why I'll never touch that piece of crap again. Just like Bioware did with SWTOR, Bethesda saw a possible mmo cash cow and made a game that never should have been made, hurts their business reputation, and ruins the story/lore that they built, (at least for me), since Morrowind.
  8. I totally agree, the Half-Life games were boring as hell and way overrated. I'd also throw in: Borderlands Sleeping Dogs and every Assassin's Creed version after #2
  9. All of these were for the Xbox 360: Gears of war: Judgement - Changed how they did the story driven campaigns into separate challenge map type missions. Totally ruined the series for me. Borderlands - Worst shooter I've ever played. Total technical and gameplay clusterfuck. Gave it to my brother and told him I never want it back after only a few hours playing. Fable 3 - Good for awhile then turned into a totally lame game after I became king. Horrible game. Two Worlds 2 - Dreadful combat system and it wouldn't let me configure the screen settings so I lost half an inch on both sides so couldn't see half the text or ui. Fallout New Vegas - Still one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. I knew it was going to be bad after they gave it to Obsidian to develop and I still bought it. Everything they touch turns to shit. (almost as bad as EA). Horrible story. Game breaking bugs. Added crafting system and factions were a joke. And what kind of game that sets itself as an exploration game yet has invisible walls/borders everywhere and almost every building was inaccessible and couldn't be entered. I do play the pc version now, mainly because of all the wonderful mods that people here have made but with TTW installed it really is just a starting zone now and I take all these great mods with me to the capital wasteland of the far superior Fallout 3 game. I could list dozens more. I have like over 100 Xbox 360 games and like an idiot I pre-ordered every single one, but these were the ones I mostly regret.
  10. Awesome! That esp. worked great. It stopped flashing on and off, the mcm saved changes and the textures showed up. Here's what it said in the console: SpunkFuInitReg called Spunk Main is 62000DD1 Spunk:Main:Init:1 Spunk Main: initializing smell tracking array As far as getting the info for you from the root folder, you may have to explain to me how to retrieve it and post it on here for you. (Like where is the root folder for one thing?) I'm not what one would call "computer savvy", everything I know is from trial and error. So let me know. Anyways thx again for the help and another great mod.
  11. So I reinstalled those things and checked to make sure if everything else was up to date and the "spunk's up" text is still popping up every few seconds. It's like it's reinitializing itself over and over or something. That's why my changes in mcm don't save. I'll make them and then the text would pop up and it will change the mcm numbers back to default. Now I am running the game through TTW (Tale of Two Wastelands), do you think that would make a difference? Although everything else I have installed works fine with it. I could live with the pop up if the textures show up but haven't been able to get them yet since I can't adjust the numbers to notice them yet. I don't want to keep bothering you with my little problems, I'm sure you have better things to do. A lot of times these things work them self out when I use a later release so if that's the case here I can wait for it. Thx again for the help. edit: I toggled the debug mode messages in mcm and when the pop up comes up it says Spunk:Main:Init:3 in the console. Not sure if that's changeable or if it means anything that helps. (It is at the bottom of my load order too if that matters)
  12. I've been waiting for something like this and tried it out and noticed a few things. Not sure if it's just me or not. I started a new game for it too. About every 5 seconds I get the text at top left saying "Spunk's up" and doesn't stop flashing that. Also when I change the settings in the mcm it doesn't save them, keeps changing back to the default settings it starts with. Also I wasn't getting any visible textures but I assume it was because I can't keep the bumped up settings in the mcm. I'm using all the newer nvse requirements to wrote on here too btw. I just thought I'd let you know these things in case so others notice them too, if it is just me then I don't mind waiting for a later version. I'm just glad you are making a mod like this. Thx.
  13. I've played in the beta and the game is a joke. The game is way too linear and takes exploration completely out of it by forcing you to go to certain areas at times. The class system is ok but it will force you to waste skill points if you decide to use different weapons making it you're basically stuck with a single weapon type throughout the game. And one of the things I enjoy most in the games, finding loot in containers and stuff, was ridiculous. Because there is so many people around and the respawn rate is so low, I was finding maybe 1 out of every 20 containers unopened and about 75% of the time it was empty or had some useless item in it. I've played in just about every mmo that's been out in the last 10+ years and the ESO is just one more that didn't need to be made. I don't think it will fail right away but I think that once the subscribers play and see how unlike the Elder Scrolls single player games are that they will stop playing out of sheer disappointment.
  14. I have a quick question, I tried looking through all the previous posts for this answer so if I missed it and it's been discussed already I apologize, but how does one go about initiating the falmer and drauger 4+ gangbang animations that are in listed in the mcm as being in this pack? I tried using matchmaker but that fizzles out after the 2nd one targeted and I've let myself be attacked by multiple enemies but then they only rape my character one at a time. I know there's a spell for a 5 drauger animation but that doesn't strip my characters clothes so I don't really use it. Are the ones listed in the mcm sexlab section just place holders for when an actual 4 enemy gangbang animation is made? Anyways, everything else works great, you really did a fantastic job with this version Ashal. I used to get nervous when I was running 1.15 cuz I would ctd at strange times but I never do now with this version. Thx so much and thx to anyone who can answer my question.
  15. Great mod. Works good so far. I like how it works in various positions with my player and with npcs too. They get some pretty good 'Peter North' like range sometimes too which is funny. One thing I have noticed though is after a npc does his thing, (not the player), he gradually disappears over a few seconds until he's totally gone for a second or 2 then reappears. It only happens to the npc and at the very end of the act. It's not gamebreaking or anything, he gets dressed and the game continues, just thought I'd mention it if its a mod glitch that someone else might be seeing or something stupid on my end. Anyways, still enjoying it. Thx
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