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  1. You are a legend too Jay. Without people like you and @Fyourcouch, I don't think there would be so much enjoyment in videogames like now. Hats off to all of you....
  2. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!! Dude, you are a legend!!!!!!! I definitely own you for all of this... and I don't know how to pay you but thank you so much
  3. Indeed I know they are from Timbo but only the initial ones and the userlist link and table are very outdated, once you use loot with your new plugins added, it updates to add everything that is new, the same goes for the table.dat. This is the reason behind on getting your files instead of timbo's. If you post your merges, that of course will work too and if you share with me the guide you made(no matter if it is a draft) I would be very grateful too. For now I will just eagerly wait for your reply.
  4. Hey Fyourcouch! I saw your modlist and load order and its pretty amazing and huge. I was wondering if you could be sooooo kind and share your "userlist.yaml" file from your "AppData\Local\LOOT\Skyrim VR" folder, your "Table.dat" file from the "steamapps\common\Skyrim VR Mods\Bash Mod Data" folder and finally, and if possible, your "merges.json" file from your "tools\zEdit v0.6.5\profiles\Skyrim VR" folder??????? I really want to decode which merges you did and with which plugins I will be indebted for life with you if you provide me with this th
  5. Funnily, I want what you just sold here 🤣
  6. Any chance you can teach us? your modded Skyrim VR is exactly what I'm looking to have.
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