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  1. I get what you're saying, but it's confirmed that it won't require an always-online connect to play https://www.shacknews.com/article/112343/watch-dogs-legion-wont-be-always-online. I actually checked this before posting because of the exact point you mentioned
  2. I'm currently watching early reviews of the game, and it seems that it has a lot more going for it than it's predecessors, in terms of things like "character vehicle" and little side missions and stuff. So I'm wondering if this will provide more freedom to make Fallout 4 tier level mods (or close to it like animations, quest based adult mods and other), I'm not really a modder so forgive me if this comes off as a bit ignorant.
  3. Hey, Thanks for this great huge mod, one "stupid" question if I may ask, do I drag the "all of my stuff part ##" folder as it is into my mods folder?, or do I need to drag the package files from within it to my mods folder. Thank you again
  4. This seems like a very good mod, will definitely test it out, thanks for your work!!
  5. What a LEGEND!! much much appreciated for your help and time ❤
  6. So I've been modding Fallout, Skyrim for 3 years and decided to give sims 4 a try, I have a few questions and i could appreciate the help: 1- Does wickedwhims have built in animations? similar to SexLab? or do i need to download them separately. 2- kind of the same question about nude bodies/meshes, is there a sort of "best of the best" body mod to download? 3- lastly, is there some "semi essntial" mods, either for immersion, interactions/ etc.? I know this is a lot to ask, but i really don't want to mess it up and I'd appreciate any sort of help!
  7. So from what I've seen here people are worried more about the fact that Microsoft might limit modding, I actually doubt that personally, One being that MS is intending on leaving Bethesda to do its thing without interfering, also we've seen the difference between MS and Sony in terms of console mods, MS are way more lenient towards outside assets being used, so that's a promising thing (i guess?). And honestly despite their mishaps, Todd/Bethesda have always supported modding in general, I mean Bethesda's name even became synonymous with "mods", in addition, Phil seems like a guy who actually cares about the gaming industry, they certainly have their reasons for buying Zenimax/Bethesda, But from what I've read it seems the only thing MS will contribute to is in financing (obviously exclusivity decisions too, but it won't really affect us here since we're on pc). All I'm saying that it wouldn't make sense simply "abolishing" the modding scene or limiting it to CC , since it would probably cause backlash, plus their games not being as successful.
  8. AFIK Bethesda is "somewhat" against adult mods too, but they simply don't bother that much because it eventually created a very, veryy large community that's dedicated to sexualize elder scrolls games which lead to the games being even more successful. And according to Phil spencer in his interview after the acquisition, they intend on "leaving" Zenimax and it's studios doing their own thing like before basically without interfering.
  9. I really hope this is the case, i guess we'll have to wait and see.
  10. With the recent news of MS acquiring Zenimax, and Todd talking about how that helped to massively overhaul the engine they're going to use for Starfield and ESO6. My question is what does this mean for the modding scene, will this overhaul affect the limits of modding in a negative or positive way. I know that Bethesda's engine is in dire need of an overhaul, but if theres one thing about it that i liked, is the fact that it allowed a very versatile modding scene, modders were basically capable of changing every little thing about the game, to major things like entire frameworks like what we see here on this site. I am honestly hoping it won't limit future modding in exchange for a "prettier" look. E
  11. Thank you very much for replying and clarifying, I can't wait for your new releases and will definitely use them asap.
  12. So I've been using CBBE for nearly 2 years now, loved it and love the support it constantly gets. But reading many people's opinion on how much better Fusion Girl is for animations, I've decided to use it, but i could really use some help (some newbie questions) before i mess up my game: 1- Does Fusion Girl support penetration morphs by default? or do i have to install a different mod for that (similar to animated fannies). 2- if possible, is there any (essential mods) that should be installed with Fusion Girl? i Don't mean requirements, but kind of like "support" mods that would enhance it for animations and what not. 3- Finally, this might relate to the first question, I'm not gonna lie i use 5 different animation packages and Leito's animations are my favorite, will Fusion Girl support penetration morphs for them too? or is there a mod that might help it to? since as far as i know Leito's animations were made before penetration mods became a thing. Sorry if those questions seem silly or stupid, it's just that i could use any help possible. Thank you
  13. I've been trying to find a fix for this to no avail, everything works fine seemingly, morphs somewhat work but to a point, there is no "real" insertion, penises keep "clipping" through the female's belly in most animations, and in other animations it won't even "insert", especially during Leito's animations. I have "the one patch" installed, and everything up to date. Is there any possible fix to this?, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  14. If you're using the latest AAF, I'd suggest going back to an older version, despite having a bit of a different issue (end key wasn't working and layout would get stuck), i did encounter the same bug that you're talking about, the author did confirm there was some coding issues about a few things on a personal thread i made a while back. Went back to version 110 and everything works fine again.
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