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  1. I think what they were wondering is how you make a character support mod. though I may very well be wrong and you got it right.
  2. I have a hard time with Skyrim modding using that but I just have no clue what I'm doing, plus this isn't eh place for this, back to sexbound; I do wonder what the next big project will be. which of yours is closest to completion?
  3. What is NMM? Also there s a new update for sexbound? *groan* well, this won't be the last time I have to do this, so I might as well get it over with.
  4. Any new information regarding the progress of this project?
  5. Acro Aphrodite? also I think Nat Horny is outdated for V3, assuming I'm remembering that correctly, and I only got my own variant of that issue fixed, well my character still remains invisible but, eh. I'll see what's going on with that, also apparently there are quite a few items from Kawaii stuff + that seem to be missing, maybe the fix that you have might, well, fix that, but I dunno. also remember to post your Starbound.log file for the mods to see, it's hard for them to really pinpoint the issue and give you assistance without it.
  6. Right so, I still borked it up from my last issue, so I have no clue where I fucked it, so I posted the config so that you can better pin point the problem. starbound.log sexbound.config
  7. let me give it look, there should be a comma at the end yes? just making sure. Edit: yeah I made the same mistake as the last fellow and added the Futanari option, but after seeing your post I removed the futanari option but forgot to remove the comma after the female.....thing I removed the comma and hopefully that should now work if that was the error.
  8. So I think that something borked when I did this, as when I defeat an enemy they don't die usually (monsters do but not hostel NPC's) my Aphrodities bow (i) doesn't work and the most damning of all is that I can't interact with the SxB icon over beds to initiate coitus. I put in the log to hope that could help. starbound.log
  9. Thanks a tonn for all this info!
  10. Hey red, Would I be able to Shoot you a DM with my mod list?
  11. Which mod of yours adds the Nipples?
  12. This is something I would like to know as well, I now how to mess around/up with the dialogues in the sexbound folders but knowing the Default log would be a real boon.
  13. I think Ultimately what I'm aiming for is to have a game full of Big Busty Herms that can all impregnate each other (males being herms as well as the females) with a slew of interesting and erotic dialogue. there is a bit of QoL stuff like clothes and whatnot, but right now I'm working on the Dialogue aspect. the missing limbs thing is mostly fixed save for their head when they lay down on the bed with the intent of coitus. and the odd Yeet pos 9 thing, outside of that one unrelated crash, seem to be my only issue right now.
  14. the groin mask layer should still be there, as I haven't touched those files. Would there be a way for me to send you my sexbound folder? I wonder if that might help? all I've modified in terms of the sprites are the female body sprites, as for the logs If I'm using them I'm doing so unintentionally as I had no clue .... I think I found the answer for the dialogues and I feel like a fool for not noticing sooner. those custom dialogues had more lines than needed, as I looked at the files I didn't touch were a lot shorter. I want to be able to give you a full Idea as to what I'm going for with my alterations I just don't know how to articulate it correctly that won't cause further confusion. I really don't mean to cause you so much grief. I'll try to fix it on my own. I'm sorry, for everything.
  15. Tried to have sex with a floran savage in an underground floran temple after defeating it and the game booted me out, I posted the log. this was with my Avian character. the Floren in question was male I do believe as they had phali before I interacted with them. starbound.log
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