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  1. Autumn School Wear mod for common body Requires texture created by HI-METAL, or an equivalent skin. Variation change CTRL + Z : shirt & outer CTRL + X : skirt CTRL + C : panty & stockings SHIFT + C : transparency Transparency is fixed without a shirt or skirt. AutumnSchool_Common.zip
  2. それはMODの問題ではなくて、ゲームの設定ですね オプション→環境設定で「おもいで」の「プライベートコーデを着る」がONになっているか確認してみてください
  3. Please remove all previously released GIL_Common and then enable only GIL_Common_V1.2.
  4. Kokoro's cheongsam seems to have different vertex groups for DMM and STEAM. I'm playing on the DMM version, so I can't fix the STEAM version.
  5. If I can get the Gil for Marie Body, I may make it. (マリーボディ用のギルを取得できたら作るかもしれません)
  6. Thank you! The body of the original model is thinner than the body of CC, and it will stick out when you put clothes on the naked body. I may publish it if I can adjust it neatly. Don't expect too much.
  7. Sister GIL mod for Common body Requires texture created by HI-METAL, or an equivalent skin. Switch with CTRL + X GIL_Common.zip ---------------- Ver1.2 ---------------- Switch with CTRL + Z Switch with CTRL + X Switch with CTRL + C The transparent version may be a bit disappointing when viewed from behind. GIL_Common_v1.2.zip
  8. Otsumami Oppai for Common body Added Leifang support my mod
  9. Thank you enjoy my mod. Leifang support Coming soon!
  10. Otsumami Oppai for Common body The swimsuit must be awakened at least 2 levels for this mod to work. (このMODが動作するためには、水着を最低2段階覚醒する必要があります) It does not work in a malfunction swimsuit. (着崩れ状態では動作しません) For now, it doesn't work with Monica and Leifang. (今のところ、モニカとレイファンでは動作しません) The chest mesh was diverted from Costume Customizer. (胸のメッシュはCostumeCustomizerから転用しました) Requires texture created by HI-METAL, or an equivalent skin to display the nipple. (HI-METAL氏が作成したテクスチャ、または同等のスキンが必要です) Switch with CTRL + X (CTRL + X でON/OFFできます) included Monica & Leifang support Otsumami_Oppai_Common_v1.1.zip
  11. It's a bit vague memory because I only played it a few times, but I remember that the switch version was 30fps even if it was output to TV. It may not be a problem due to the nature of the game, but it's a good idea to check.
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