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  1. I was looking for skintone replacement i liked and eventually found some but im having an issue with texture glitch (?) now and i don't know how to fix it (or if is there even one) So far i tried -Trying other skins -Removing any mods that could be a conflict and testing the skins again -Deleting cache -Checking this thread "Female sims have a double vagina. Is this normal? - The Sims 3 Technical Support - LoversLab" But none worked every skin is resulting with this Is this how it is or am i doing something wrong
  2. I know i already looked there was this "ESkin Fresh download ? - The Sims 3 General Discussion - LoversLab" also but the link StellarLare gave on here was better so im glad i asked I also have found these threads that mentions bunch of other skins "https://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=616586" Saying that it seems most skins thats available has the issue where they look good in one certain skin color (mostly white) while looking faded/pure black for other skincolors
  3. Hey i know it says required but would it be ok if i don't install "cummask" and "condom" packages? I don't really want or need them it seems to be working without them but just checking
  4. Sorry for the dumb questions but do i have to download both KW and OKW files to install an animation? And for animations that requires toys will any of the above "Passion Toys" work with them ?
  5. Ah damn sorry i thought one was for kw other was for passion so i just got one its working now...
  6. Great find thanks Sadly there seems to be no adult version of natural skin i needed but ah well Got it thanks
  7. I found this skintone called "ESkin" (Mod The Sims - ESkin-nAtural+) which looks great but sadly it only has no genitals (barbie) version on MTS and i was wondering if is there non-barbie version of this skin anywhere? If not any other similar skin recommendations with genitals? There is creators blogspot (http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/articlelist_1677082281_1_1.html) but its in chinese and the download links want some bs site called "baidu" which is also chinese and wants account to download its a mess so if someone has it... and one more thing im using "Passion" mod for
  8. Tried it with passion mod but animations are not seem to be working altough they appear on the menu
  9. So i tried the mods (sima and raillight) but neither of them can light both front and back at the same time (they dont work with each other neither) any help?
  10. I was not sure where to open this (i need the mods for taking naked pictures of my char) sorry i dont want to litter the forum should i move it ?
  11. Looking for two things -Mod or something that applies torch/warm light on whole body like facelight but for whole body (back and front) (-For this beside a spell a location would work too?) -Something to make character walk in (same) place while using one of the animations from "fnis sexy walk"
  12. Is there any mod that lets you take pictures/videos that you can control with your keyboard? (like in sims3 for example) if not i just want to take like 1-2min videos and i dont care about quality much what should i use?
  13. So i checked the controls at the mod menu howewer whenever i press them its just making a noise but doesn't move the actor? Is there a easier way to do this perhaps an another mod?
  14. For more context i used to modify existing clubs however im not very good at it ingame furnitures are not enough and its hard to find cc so i honestly got lazy and just wanted to find one But anyway thanks for the world non-sequitur and landess for the pictures they will help for sure
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