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  1. Then I only provide my Chinese esp in 9dm, and I let them download the MOD body by themselves, or to your Patreon support
  2. Can I port the LL public version to 9dm Chinese and release it?
  3. I know the reason why the dialog box will not appear is because I have some mods with expanded enemy numbers, and some expanded enemies do not trigger. This mod is indeed working as expected
  4. I tried the esp you provided, it can trigger the defeat penalty normally, but there is still no way to trigger the dialog box normally, but thank you very much
  5. The translation function comes from the following language contents: Hello, code serpent I am a player from China. I have tried to support your mod in Chinese and post it to the forum in China. In the process, I have indicated the original website address of your mod. And there is no charge for it. It's free and public. This is my address:http://www.9damaomod.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=202731&page=1&extra=#pid27098495 If this infringes on your rights and interests, please reply to me and I will delete the Chinese language support package I published. Of course, if you agree, I hope you can reply to me. The following is my bug feedback from other players after testing in China Forum 1. When you are defeated with the beast, you can only trigger the window option for the first time, and you can escape successfully. However, the second time, you will only enter the bleeding state, kneel on the ground, or stand still. The game cannot continue. You can only read the file or open the potion treatment option, and use the potion therapy to break away from the battle. 2. After the battle with the guard of the stronghold fails, no matter how many times you have left the prison, the dialogue can be triggered no matter how many times. However, if you are defeated in the prison, you will not be able to continue the game as above. 3. If you fail in the battle with bandits, in many cases, you can't trigger the dialog option of the first defeat. Instead, the robbers choose punishment at random. There is also the probability that not only does not trigger the dialogue, but also, like the above, the game cannot be played. 4. Most of the time, after negotiation, the fight will start immediately within 30 seconds. Maybe it's just a moment. Maybe mod didn't let me put away my weapons after I lost the battle? Or it triggers the mechanism of moving something, which makes it impossible to achieve this separation from combat, and can only choose to kill all the enemies. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the game will not continue. This mod is very thoughtful. I will regularly communicate with Chinese players and feed back some bugs. I hope this mod can do well.
  6. 可以更到155j版嗎,都已經不能使用了
  7. Dear missme12 Hello, I am a sims enthusiast from China, I really like your work, and I hope to share your work in a forum in China. 1. I will not sell your work in any way, I will only publish your free content on LL. 2. When I share your work, I will jointly promote your Patreon to protect your legitimate interests. 3. If necessary, I can forward the connection to you after sharing, you can browse using Google Chrome translation to ensure that the content above me is true (Forgive me for my limited English level, and the content comes from Google Translate)
  8. Hello TheDalbak18. I am a player from China. I am very interested in this mod. I am sorry to post it to the China Skyrim Forum without your running. This is the URL: http://www.9damaomods.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=182931&page=1&extra=#pid20088775 I didn't charge anything in the post, it's completely free. And I have provided them with the guidelines for loverslab, and I call on them to support your patreon if possible. And I did a Chinese translation of your mod. So I hope to get your permission. If your rights are violated, I will delete the post on the Chinese forum. (Sorry, my English is very poor, the content is google translation)
  9. Hello C5Kev. I am a player from China, but my English is very bad, so this passage comes from Google Translate, please forgive me if there is a wrong statement. There are a lot of players in China who don't have access to this website. I hope to get your authorization to publish MOD in China. I promise that I will never use MOD for any profitable behavior, just as a diversion and guidance.
  10. Sorry for CUL. When I was sharing in China, some fans encountered problems in the picture when they installed ReShade. But this is beyond my scope of resolution. I can only ask if you have encountered it, or is there any good solution? He is using the Windows 7 system, and I am Windows 10, so I want to ask you.
  11. Thank you for your update notification, I have already shared the new version. But unfortunately, I can't help anything with Reshade. Can only say that cheering
  12. Hello CUL. I am very happy to get your authorization. I shared it in China as soon as I was authorized. There are a lot of people who like your MOVIE SIMS. But they also reacted to some problems like me, I am only here to convey ~ 1. After using MOVIE SIMS, the game text will be distorted, the display will be blurred, and it will be very distressing. 2. There are a lot of players who want you to be able to update the presets of warm colors, which is similar to the original style of EA, but it is more sunny. Of course, many players think that your MOVIE SIMS is very cool, the cool shades are suitable for many scenes, and some have a feeling of setting the sunset, which is great. Many people hope that you can get better and better, and I sincerely wish you all the best.
  13. Hello GOGOGAGA 25. I am a Chinese player and I hope to share your dilapidated series in the country. Because China's network environment is too bad, many websites can't be reached without using VPN. What's worse is that China has blocked the VPN-related things, so I hope to share things with those TS4 players through me. But I promise, 1. I will not conduct any commercial profitability. 2. I will indicate the original address and let more people who can visit see it. The above content is from translation, forgive me for my bad English.
  14. Hello, TheDaedricDoll. I am a Chinese player and I hope to share your CC in China. But I am not sure if you will reply me in time in LL, I will temporarily share your CC for 24 hours in China. But I promise to do the following: 1. I will not use your CC for any profitable business practices. 2. I will mark the original URL when sharing. 3. I will not share the CC permanently until I am authorized. Forgive me for my bad English. The above content is from Google Translate.
  15. Hello CUL. I am a player from China and I hope to share your Reshade in China. My English is very bad. I use Google Translate for text input. I hope you can understand. I will not use your Reshade for any commercial purposes, will not sell it, just for sharing. Because of China's network, LL and MTS are too bad for them without a VPN. I hope you can agree with my request.
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