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  1. I read that comment on Nexus and then started a new game with the previous FHU (non-Baka). However, that version has a very serious bug: If your character deflates automatically (either naked or with armor), the FPS rate drops drastically and my CPU usage skyrockets to 100%, remaining forever in this state while the menus are off, and if I do not force close Skyrim my computer eventually shuts down. Reloading the save does not work and processor usage remains at 100%. Other side effect is that the breast and butt of my character becomes invisible. This bug happened for me once a while bac
  2. Fertility is being "maintained" by someone else in Nexus (can't remember the username right now). It's a separated patch that contains mostly bugfixes and small improvements.
  3. Oops... forgot to mention it... I use the 3BBB json, but not the SLIF patch for Hormones.
  4. I had to disable breast changes a few days ago because they were being compressed instead of increasing in size over time. I configured a maximum size of 2.6 in Hormones, and after a certain amount of sex scenes and nights slept (in a new game) the compression became noticeable. I went then to SLIF mcm and tried unregistering Hormones (Was the only one affecting the breast morphs atm). When I did it, the breasts returned to their normal size immediately. As far as I know, my other mods that rely on SLIF are working with no scaling issues (EC+, Fill Her Up, Hentai Pregnancy, etc - y
  5. DCL carriage in dawnstar does not require you to jump in the carriage itself, differently from other mods (and even vanilla's ones) Few weeks ago I had DCL, Expanded Carriage Service and SLUTS resume, and thus ended with three carriage drivers in Dawnstar. Removed ECS since them and now I have two carriages at the same local (they do not occupy the exact same spot and are not incompatible per se, but it's a bit redundant though).
  6. I was playing the latest beta of SL Survival and found in the option "Force check DF" a message about the devious follower handling the player character's inventory possibly in the future. Maybe the DF could somehow act like an enforcer and "confiscate" any items the player doesn't have a licence for. Or that the inventory handling could be some kind of deal in DFC (having to ask your follower to use "contrabanded" items in dungeons, for example). I remember I took an entire day to build my SSE mod list, which is over 400 plugins. Imo, the greatest advantage of SSE over classic
  7. About cum: is there any plan to add craftable potions to "ease" the cum addiction over the time, like the lactacid remedy in Milk Addict?
  8. No, but you can download the @Bad Dog standalone Lykaios and Cat Races mods to add the furry races into your game if you want.
  9. I installed the beta with MO2 and the interface folder also had to be placed manually.
  10. SLA has the values "Exposure" and "Time rate". The "Time rate" increases every time you have an orgasm (it's capped at 100), and then starts decaying by a rate of one third per two game days (If you get 100 Exposure after an orgasm, after two days without orgasms it will be 67). This option is adjustable in MCM. The "Time rate" then is multiplied by the time in days since you've had the last orgasm. The resulting value is then added to your overall Arousal. This rate is sort of an indicator of "sex addiction". The other value is "Exposure", which can either increase over time natural
  11. The guards (not counting the enforcers) are finally going to do more than just silly comments during the day (not blaming you ofc, Skyrim guards are dumb by nature) About the escorts, is there any plan to add something like "your escort must always be a male" option?
  12. I'm using BHUNP body and for some reason the belly inflation is not working here. Breast inflation still works, though. Also, I have SLIF and EC+ doesn't seem to be registering.
  13. Are you talking about "gate curfew" or the "curfew licence"? Both are separated things. If you have "Gate curfew" enabled, a message will still appear, indicating that you can't leave a walled city if you are inside one.
  14. I think you can only change it by modifying the script for the time being. With a breast size of 9, current formula causes your breasts to weigh... um... 162 pounds (supposing you have 100 weight on your character). If you have any other mod that changes your breast scales, you may get some insane numbers for your breast debuff, it will make very difficult for you to play the rest of the game. The formula is located in MilkQUEST.psc script. My personal suggestion: BreastRows * 2 * Math.pow(0.5, (BreastsSize_Node+MilkCnt)) * (1+ akActor.GetLeveledActorBase().GetWei
  15. The latest Parasites conversion BSA file is either "unconverted" or broken, thus my game was not loading. Re-running through CAO made the game load again. Textures are fine, too.
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