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  1. Aw yeah, that's the good stuff. Please make more of those sex toys please, like fuck machine or milking machine. I'd love to see a dungeon full of kinky stuff😋🤤
  2. Great EDI's parts. Please make more of those femmebot series please... And if you would, can you add another variation for EDI, a kinkier version perhaps? I just fell in love with EDI's head design, which is undoubtly give a robot feeling, not just a grey sim with jointed body (especially the ears part). Open boobs and a vagina would be nice, if if it is not too much trouble.
  3. Hello, I want to ask something. Does this chair really works as a mean to satisfy sim's sexual need or it's just a kinky-looking furniture?
  4. Any plan for 'SexLab Expressions SE'?
  5. Hello guys! I'm quite new here. Can anyone explain to me how to make milk slaves? I know that my followers would be good, but I have kind of emotional attachment to them. Also, plus point to anyone that can make their wife to milkmaids (non follower one, of course).
  6. OK, I love lactation, mate! Anyway, can I just download and smash them together in NMM or should I manually install it? You know, I'm kinda a combination of lazy and horny. Also, do I have to turn NPC to milkmaid first, or this armor took the job?
  7. THANK YOU FOR THIS MOD!!! I love it. Again, thanks for making my fetish/fantasy at least playable. It's kind of difficult to not to kill them, but I'll manage. Btw, I do have a problem. So, I fancied this bandit I just knocked from some tower. I tied her, put her in a sack and well, raped her whenever my pc horny. went to my breezehome. Then, I put her out of the sack and change her tied up setting as permanent. Then, I saved my games then turned off my pc. Next playing session, I loaded up my save but then she just kinda floating while chained and went around the room. Any Idea how to fix this.
  8. No, I don't. I just used my ol'reliable save files. Is there perhaps a conflict with mods? I do have cbbe installed tho.
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