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  1. Подрабатуешь у Егобалистика ???
  2. Я много раз писал что эти два мода не дают нормально работать ААФ !!!!
  3. AAF147 and 154 Works great with Atomic Lust Savabge Kabane BP70 and Leito everything i use With this patch the same problem thati already wrote when the banner was turned on the member hangs And is conflicts with the AAF
  4. There is an erection at the beginning of the animation after the banner is turned on the penis does not disappear but just hangs
  5. An exelent mod and very long awaited for this game ! Everything works but when the banner is turned on my character does not immediately have a member I use the Leito Stage fix
  6. Do not use the Gum Indarello mod it is in my situation , and i have been truing to use it for about three months It completely stops the work of the AAF Finally , the Gum Overlay mod that works with the AAF is finally released 133 I use only 32 mods
  7. I now have ccomplete chaos with the boot order After the blue screen is displayed the boot order has changed itself There is no time to reinstall everything But AAF and all the mods work fine And 30 % Gum Indarello gave me to avoid this mod And correcting the erection from Silver Per also created problems for me Silver Per Moder Recourse cannot underrstand how this is possible I wrote to him about this
  8. Yes all versions of the AAF and 133 work too are you crazy ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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