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  1. Sexout Affairs

    Current version: 0.055a, Release date: Nov. 13, 2012
    This mod aims to give you the opportunity to date different women (currently only one) all across the wasteland.
    You can find Inga either in the Vikki & Vance Casino or the Mojave Express in Primm.
    A detailed description with hints and explanations to some of the gameplay mechanics and things to come are in the second post.
    If you don´t know what to do, check the SexoutAffairs Discussion thread for additional info. If it isn´t answered somewhere, feel free to ask.
    Current status Version: 0.055
    one working character, ~400 lines of dialogue, repeatable date quests, repeatable sex quests. New Features in 0.055:
    Different greetings and responses, depending how much she likes/dislikes you ~150 new lines of dialogue (total is roughly 350 lines now for Inga alone; Jacob has ~70 lines extra) Dates at her new home Dates at the bar Gambling is now an option for dates as well, given that the Vikki & Vance Casino has reopened Sex now in her own bed New sex scenes! Some are only available under certain conditions. She comments on your performance after sex. So you better be prepared! If you suck, she likes you less... Sex available in different locations The bar in the Vikki & Vance Casino now has a bartender that can help you on your quest to get some lovin'. All NPCs added by this mod have daily routines If you possess certain items related to Primm's history, new dialogue options will appear Requirements
    SexoutNG by Prideslayer @LoversLab
    Sexout Common Resources by Halstrom @LoversLab (courier merc armor meshes and textures by Neverclock (@newvegasnexus))
    Drop SexoutAffairs.esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa in your data folder.
    If you are upgrading from an earlier version, I recommend doing a clean save.
    Versions that have letters attached to them don't need a clean save, unless stated otherwise. (0.051 to 0.055, clean save necessary; 0.055 to 0.055a, 0.055b,... no clean save necessary)
    There are so many changes from v0.0.5.1a (or 0.051a) to v0.055, that I can't guarantee for anything, if you don't do this.
    The following steps are necessary, in order to do a clean save:
    create a new savegame. (no auto- or quicksave) Exit game Remove SexoutAffairs.esp, any customization esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa from your data folder. (DON'T just UNCHECK them in your mod manager, REMOVE them!) Start and load your savegame from before Wait for 20-30 seconds and create a new savegame (no auto- or quicksave) Exit game Drop new SexoutAffairs.esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa in your data folder Start game and load last save. You're done! If you don't know which version you have, you can check the version number in the mod description in FNVEdit, Wrye or FOMM.
    Alternatively you can open the console in-game and read the version number.
    Optional requirements (Customization options)
    Mojave Delight by Glosshouse (@newvegasnexus)
    Lings Coiffure NV by earache42 (@ModDB)
    Beauty Pack PLUS -Project Mikoto- by Matteius (@newvegasnexus)

    I will provide customization options for Lings, Mikoto and Mojave Delight. It goes without saying that you can only use one of the customization esps at the same time.
    The esp of your choice has to be loaded after SexoutAffairs.esp.
    My personal preference is "Mojave Delight" by Glosshouse, because it doesn´t change Vanilla races, works alongside either Lings or Mikoto and comes with its own non-replacer Type3-compatible skins. And it looks fantastic!
    Delete SexoutAffairs.esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa in your data folder. If you installed either one of the customization esps, delete those too.
    Known Issues
    This mod is in a early stage, so expect some bugs/oddities/things that might annoy you.
    ChancellorKremlin (spell checking, fixing dialogue, ideas, merciless bughunting)
    Kainschilde209 (Inga's room, bughunting)
    zippy57 (initial spell checking, fixing dialogue)
    http://soundbible.com/ for sound effects (list of authors is included in download)
    Uyrgen - Russian translation
    To Bethesda and Obsidian for F:NV
    To the LoversLab community for creating and hosting the best adult mods around the web.
    The Sexout crew in particular for creating a framework to make this possible in one of my favorite games of all time
    prideslayer for sexoutng
    Halstrom for SCR
    astymma, ChancellorKremlin, DoctaSax, jaam, Kainschilde209, srayesmanll, zippy57
    Sexout Affairs contains explicit sexual situations, drug use, strong language and other fun stuff.
    You have to be at least 18 Years old or of legal age, depending on your countries laws, to play this mod.
    Sexout Affairs is only available at LoversLab.com. It is free of charge and shall not be used for commercial purposes. If you paid for this or any other mod, you got scammed.
    You are not allowed to upload, modify or change it in any way, unless you have my permission.
    Resources used have permissions of their creators or are subject to public domain.
    If you want to translate Sexout Affairs in other languages, send me a PM.
    I would allow translations, provided that they are maintained and distributed in this release thread.



  2. SexoutWillow

    File Name: SexoutWillow
    File Submitter: BruceWayne
    File Submitted: 02 Feb 2013
    File Category: Quests
    Requires: SexoutNG, Sexout Common Resources, Willow - A Better Companion Experience

    SexoutWillow by BruceWayne
    This mod replaces the Fade-to-black sex scene from the Willow Companion Mod with a random Sexout scene. To get the Sex scene you have to complete Willow's romance quest.

    July 2015

    You need at least Sexout 0.93 or above. As such you need all the new requirements for this, as NVSE 5 and NX 16.

    Fixed the broken kissing animation.

    Additional info:

    Due to the way the original scripts work, I had to work around the fact that the stages are timed and coupled the timer to the sexout timer. This was true for all old versions as well. The problem is, that if you pause the animation timer with SexoutPositioning, this doesn't translate to the script timer of NVWillow (it still uses the time set in your SexoutNG settings, plus a couple seconds extra). If you have to adjust your anims, do so with an unpaused timer. To rectify this, set your timer up to give you ample time to adjust and save the offset, so you won't have to do it everytime and can go back to a shorter duration. Read the SexoutPositioning instructions on the Sexout main pages to find out how.
    Old Updates:
    SexoutNG by prideslayer
    Willow - A Better Companion Experience v1.09 by llamaRCA
    Sexout Common Resources by Halstrom
    NVSE 5+ or higher
    NVSE Extender 16 (a.k.a NX) or higher
    Drop the files in your data folder. Answer "yes" if you are asked to overwrite files.
    Make sure SexoutWillow.esp is loaded after NVWillow.esp!
    Additional Info
    I enabled player controls during Willow's "warm up" dance, so you can get a better view. Don't run away! (I guess she will eventually find you, but you never know..)
    Make sure she is following you, when you ask her. If she is in wander mode she might run away during her dance... (I think this also happens, if you don't use this mod)
    I'd love to hear feedback, suggestions and/or constructive criticism. So rate, comment, troll, whatever..
    If you want to run SexoutWillow with version 0.97 of the Willow mod, click here.

    Click here to download this file



  3. Ling's Hair Specular fix

    Makes the hairs from Ling's less shiny and/or adds specular detail where necessary. I made this fix primarily for myself, because several hairs didn't even have a proper specular map and have been left blank (white), which meant that the hairs were super-shiny.
    This archive only contains the normal/specular maps, so any other texture mods (if there are any) for ling's may still work.
    Requires Ling's Coiffure NV from earache42: www.moddb.com/mods/lings-coiffure-nv
    Install with FOMM.
    Alternatively you can extract the .fomod archive with 7-zip and install the files manually into your textures/characters/hair folder.
    All credit goes to earache42 and the respective authors of the hairs.



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