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  1. I haven't played Bannerlord in a while and am not up to date with what mods are currently out already. I hope to see slavery mods that include kingdom policies regarding slavery, the use of slaves to speed up production to an extend (with a higher demand for food there of course), enslavement of PoWs, enslavement of villagers captured during raids, the option to have enterprises use slaves, effects from the size of the slave population in settlements including slave revolts and slave soldiers since those things should've been in the game from the start. It should fit into the time period and slaves were already mentioned in Warband. Of course that'd also include slaves for the personal use of the player, with options to enslave and train captured nobles and companions, as well as slaves bought on slave markets. Turning captured noblewomen into concubines like in Crusader Kings would be nice too and could be a milder version of that, with less relation hits.
  2. >After a short delay, the first batch of modding tools is ready for a beta release! They include: >Entity Placement Tools >Terrain Import, Export, and Editing Tools >Navigation Mesh Tools >GI Baking Tools >Level System Editing Tools >Resource Browser >Material Editor >Mesh Editor >Texture Editor >Body Editor >Cloth Editor >Atmosphere Editor http://docs.modding.bannerlord.com/
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