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  1. S.L.U.T.S. Resume

    S.L.U.T.S. Resume
    Skyrims Licensed Universal Transport Service is looking for willing Sl- erhem.. Staff! to transport various goods through the cold and fierce Regions of Skyrim! 
    Are you looking to make some Coins? Do you think you have it in you? Then sign right up!
    Local Innkeepers and Stewards are just waiting for you! Or perhaps you prefer to talk to our qualified Oversees directly? No problem! Theyre always happy to to explain potential new recruits this one-in-a-lifetime chance, to become a real S.L.- I mean, a qualified worker! 
    When you install this mod, you first want to talk to an Innkeeper, Stewards or Carriage Driver. They will hand you over a Flyer and everything from there should be self-explanatory!
    When you accept a job, you will be locked up in a bunch of Restraints and forced to run a possessed Cart through Skyrim to deliver some very precious goods! - Which of course aren't for you.
    Depending on how well you kept your legs together and how long your Travel was, you then will be rewarded with some shiny Coins! 
    Filly Coins
    Completing runs rewards you with Filly Coins! A special Coin that is paid out to the hard-working ponies of S.L.U.T.S.! 
    You can use this Coin and exchange them against various rewards when talking to a Carriage Driver! 
    Current Rewards:
    Gold DD/SLUTS Keys Upgrade your Filly Uniform Unlockables  
    Rehabilitation, Cargo Loss & Arrears
    Messed up and broke the Law? S.L.U.T.S. got you covered! When a Guard attempts an Arrest, you can ask them to instead work off your Bounty by working for S.L.U.T.S.! Of course, its up to you if you think thats the less punishing alternative...
    Your Bounty will then be transferred into Arrears that you then have to work off! Depending on how high your Arrears are, you may have to do multiple runs in a row ?
    Better to just not break the law, wouldnt you agree? 
    Though beware, a Bounty isnt the only way to stack up Debt! Ponies that do poorly on their runs may be punished just as harshly! .. or maybe harsher? We have to make sure our Ponies are of best quality, you may excuse our rudness!
    SL Framework Devious Devices SlaveTats RaceMenu XPMSSE Recommended
    Extra Encounters Populated Lands Roads Paths Improved Roads
    (or other mods that add NPCs to Skyrims paths and roads) Radiant Rape SL Mods (E.g. SL Adventures, Deviously Helpless) Visual Overhaul of Bandit NPC for the Guards in S.L.U.T.S. HQ  
    Make sure to run Bodyslide before playing The Sluts Redux Cart is an Optional Asset which can be used in place of the mods original cart. May improve cart performance If you are using a BHUNP or UUNP Body: Download SLUTS Tats Package, the Fomod Contains both Bodies for both Versions LE & SE, for both Bodies They replace the CBBE Tats, so make sure you dont tick  to use UNP Tats in SLUTS' MCM Patches available for: Deviously Cursed Loot Prison Overhaul Patched Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul For LE Users:
    Grab the LE Ressource Package & override Resume SE with it and you should be good to go
    If the Form44 bugs you too much, throw it into your LE CK and save
    Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul: This one removes all the stock carriage drivers and replaces them with clones (Patch provided) Deviously Cursed Loot: Not incompatible per se but you wont be able to use this mods rehab feature if you have DCL installed (Patch provided by Searinoxii) Prison Overhaul Patches: Both Mods edit the same Crime Dialogue, negating the crime specific content for however loads higher (Patch provided by Neydzz)  
    Previous Changelogs
    DocClox: Creating the original mod MrEsturk: Updating this mod to 1.18 -> Click AnInsaneMoose: HDT Chain Yoke 4nk8rb: BodySlide Files slvsaris: Alternate Cart Mesh Searinoxii: Creating a DCL Patch El Duderino: For creating the ponygirl mittens used in this mod. Rob J: For the custom S.L.U.T.S. Cart audhol: For the Filly Coin texture LinaHirata: UUNP & BHUNP SlaveTats Textures Neydzz: POP Patch Additional ponygirl screenshots provided by: MrEsturk, LatexLuger, max99max, valcon767, random11714



  2. Alternate Perspective - Sold Out

    Alternate Perspective - Sold Out
    Start the Game enslaved through Simple Slavery and go from there. Simple!
    Alternate Perspective SE => Click Me! LE => Click Me! Simple Slavery++  



  3. Toyful Temptations

    Toyful Temptations
    Toyful Temptations is a looting mod, trapping various containers throughout Skyrim to contain some... "toyful" surprises!
    How it works
    From now on; Chests & Corpses (incl. modded ones) may contain Keys, Toys and trapped (self equipping) Toys. Yay.
    The Chance for this to happen is highly customizable. I've also heard that certain chest & creature types are more likely to contain a Key (Deers for example, they seem to have a fetish for swallowing Keys)
    Toys SE => Click me! LE => Click me!



  4. Yamete!

    => LE Version (V3.1)
    !V3.2 is a Patch and requires V3.1 to be installed first!
    Yamete! (Lets not talk about the Name)
    Yamete is a general purpose combat defeat mod, introducing new alternatives to Death for Player, Follower & NPC in any and every combination
    Knockdown Condition
    For an Actor to be considered "defeated" they need to fulfill one of the below Conditions. Each of them can be customized to design the Game in multiple different Directions 
    You will be knocked down when your Health falls below a threshold Unblocked only: Only unblocked hits can knock you down Melee only: ..but only if the attack you got hit by wasn't ranged Stripped
    You will be knocked down when you're wearing less than this many Armor pieces
    *Supports all Slots  
    Knockdown Mechanics
    Knockdown Mechanics are additional effects that can affect an Actor in multiple ways. They're mainly intended to be in a supportive Position, synergizing with a Condition
    Upon getting hit, you may lose one of your currently worn Items
    *Supports all Slots Drop or Unequip: If the item you lose should be dropped or unequipped Destruction Chance: Chance for an Item to be destroyed upon being stripped instead of unequipped/stripped
    *Items can be protected from this Option  
    Scenarios are used to properly define what exactly happens when you are defeated. Every Actortype can use their own Scenario
    Basic Available for: Everyone Details: The Basic Scenario forces the Victim in a SL Scene with their last Aggressor, after this Scene, the Scenario ends and fighting continues! Yay. Basic, isnt it? FleeInstant Available for: Follower, NPCs/Creatures Details: Upon Knockdown, a SL Scene starts with the Victim & the last valid Aggressor, after this Scene: The Victim will flee from Combat for a in the MCM Set Duration  BleedoutInstant Available for: Everyone Details: Upon Knockdown, a SL Scene starts with the Victim & the last valid Aggressor, after this Scene: The Victim will be forced into Bleedout until either the Timer runs out or Combat ends (depending on your MCM Settings)  
    Reapers Mercy
    Reapers Mercy is a Player Ability that allows you to assault any for you valid Target. It uses an individual Set of Knockdown Conditions and will override any other Settings in this Mod
    Actors that you attack while using Reapers Mercy will be essential for 3 seconds and upon Knockdown, will be thrown into Bleedout until you either free them or knockdown too many Actors (Currently, Reapers Mercy can hold 2 Actors at once)
    Victims knocked down by Reapers Mercy cant attack, are protected & shouldnt be attacked by anyone else. When the Player tries to interact with their Victim, they can...
    Assault: Rape the Victim Kill: Kill the Victim Free: Set the Victim Free  
    Known Issues
    Leaving Cells while an Actor is in Bleedout may glitch that Actor out, causing them to be stuck in Bleedout until forced to play a different Animation (e.g. Stagger). This Bug is caused by Havok being unable to reset an Actors Animations  while their 3D isn't properly loaded in. I consider this Bug to be impossible to fix in any reasonable fashion
    If you happen to know a simple & reliable Solution to this, feel free to contact me Requirements
    PapyrusUtil (included in SLF) Optional
    SL Framework  
    Billyy: For custom Bleedout Animations Previous Changelogs



  5. Joyful Followers

    Joyful Followers
    Ever thought that Vanilla Followers are boring? Yea, me too - and this mod is an attempt to change that!
    Joyful Followers tries to give your favorite Follower a new, playful, funny and humorous but also slightly nasty and mean personality! Travel with your follower and unlock new Events! How to handle them? Up to you! But remember: Your choices might affect how your follower behaves later on, so make sure you dont admit things you may later regret!
    ..or maybe you want to regret them later? Anyway, choices matter! and so does your follower! So treat 'em well!
    Content Table
    1. Dynamic Relationships
    Traveling with your follower unlocks new Events and Interactions but beware: Choices matter!
    Dont treat your follower badly or admit something you may later regret..!
    2. Events
    Events! Yay, things are happening! (Though content is still lacking, Sorry!)
    This mod tries to introduce Events in many aspects of the game with the goal to make even the most boring places worth to check out!
    3. My Fair Share
    This mod features an optional debt system. I made this feature specifically for people that are looking for some sort of cash sink and while it does indeed interact with this mod on multiple levels, you wont be put at any disadvantage if you keep it disabled; There are no Events for "losing the Debt game" or any other special interactions
    (I believe there already are mods out there that do a much better job at this *cough, cough*)
    Devious Devices Exclusive
    4. Key Holders Inventory (Unfinished - Dont give them Chastity or Piercing Keys)
    While exploring the world, your follower searches for keys and stores them in an inventory they manage
    You can hand over your keys to sore them inside this inventory. You may ask how many keys your follower currently holds - and sometimes you can even take them out!
    The Key Holders Inventory is a safe storage for your keys - as long as you dont mind someone else having control over them of course
    Your follower helps you to unlock certain devices as long as there are keys in this inventory
    I downloaded the mod but nothing is happening?
    The mod is built around Progression. Meaning its normal that nothing is happening. When you play more with your follower you should encounter Events from time to time and the more time you spend with your follower the more Events will unlock for you to encounter!
    Ive been messing around with this mod for 42 days, 17 hours and 13 seconds now! Why is nothing happening?
    My design philosophy is centered around the player, not the PC or the roleplaying behind it. This means when you mess up, I dont punish the PC, I punish the player; And one way to punish the player is by not punishing the PC (since thats what the player wants)
    Im aware that this may sound annoying to some but I want to emphasize that Im more interested in giving the player the feelings I want and allow the player to play the game however he wants. I dont want you to decide between "messing around and explore this mods content" and "playing the game", I rather have you "explore this mods content while playing the game", thus you wont encounter much content when youre just messing around
    Current Event Table:
    - SL Framework
    - SL Aroused
    - A Follower
    Requirements (Deviously Joyful)
    - Devious Devices
    - PetCollar (Link)
    - EFF and AFT have integrated patches. I tested both of them and both seem to be working just fine. They load before JF
    - NFF loads after JF
    - FLP seem to be fine without a patch
    - DF loads after JF, also make sure that the same Follower isnt a DF and JF simulatenously (use the Debug Menu to enforce this if needed)
    - DarkAngel1265 for Crawling animations
    - audhol for Sitting animation
    - Collygon for everything inside the "Collygon" Folders
    Previous Changelogs:



  6. ScRappies Matchmaker

    ScRappies Matchmaker
    Smoll Mod to match random Actors together in a SL Scene
    Supports Hostile Actors & Creatures Supports 2~5p Animations Tagging Support: Decide what Tags chosen Animations should use, divided into 10 categories depending on Actors in an Animation Can be disabled through a Hotkey Location Profiling
    You can filter Locations in which this mod is active or inactive, Supported Locations are: Wilderness / Cities / Towns / Settlements / Player Homes / Inns / Dragon Nests / Forts / Bandit Camps / Giant Camps / Nordic Ruins / Dwarven Ruins / Falmer Hives / Hagraven Nests You have up to 3 Profiles that you can freely customize and assign to a Location. A Location will use the Settings of the Profile that has been assigned to it Customisation
    Hostile Victims: Whether or not you want to allow Actors that are usually Hostile towards you to be matched up in a Scene. Maybe you find your next assassination targets in some .. very private situations shortly before they meet their end?  Hostiles on Friendly: Wheter or not Actors that are usually Hostile towards you will be allowed to engage you. Some Wolves in heat might find completely forget that theyre actually supposed to fight you? Victim Filter: Set who can be engaged in a specific Location. Maybe you only want Player & Followers to be used by those Wolves? Those boring traveling merchants can have their fun someplace else! Combat Skip: Disable the Scan while you are in Combat, to avoid Actors having a good time while a Dragon is terrorizing a City Arousal: Self explanatory Distance: Choose how far Actors can be apart from each other to start a Scene. Dont want Actors to meet up from across 2 cells.. or maybe thats exactly what you want? Line of Sight; Does an Aggressor have to see their Target? Disposition: Dont use that. You know about this super clunky Number in the Vanilla Game that tells the game how much people like you? Yea, thats what that is  
    SL Framework SL Aroused



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